Jayhawk Rowers Excel in Knecht Cup Finals

April 17, 2005

The Kansas rowing team excelled in the final day of competition at the Knecht Cup at the Copper River Course in Camden, N.J. on Sunday, April 17. The Jayhawks earned a spot in either the Grand Final or the Petite Final in every boat they entered.

“The weekend went well,” head coach Rob Catloth said. “We won the Varsity Four and we took second in the Second Varsity Four race.”

Kansas came away with the top spot in the Grand Final of the Varsity Four race in 7:48.8. The Jayhawks also earned the sixth place spot in the final coming in with a time of 8:08.6. In the 2nd Varsity Four race, Kansas earned a second place finish in a time of 8:09.1. In other varsity action, Kansas took a third place finish in the Varsity Eight Petite Final in 7:00.0. The Jayhawks’ 2nd Varsity Eight boat earned a second place finish in the Grand Final with a time of 7:04.5.

In the Novice Four race, the Jayhawks entered a boat in the Grand and Petite Final. In the Grand Final, Kansas took home a second place finish in 8:15.4. The Jayhawks placed fourth in the Petite Final of the Novice Four race in 8:34.2. Kansas also would take home a fifth place finish in the Novice Eight Race with a time of 7:31.7.

“Overall we would like to do better. This is the half way point in the season and we need a little bit more speed,” Catloth said. “This is a learning experience and we will use this time to prepare and get better for Big 12 competition.”

Next the Jayhawks will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to compete against Cincinnati and Buffalo on April 23.

-Sunday’s Results-

Varsity Four- Grand Final: Kansas A 7:48.8, Villanova 7:56.0, Boston College 8:01.3, Sacramento St. 8:02.3, Penn State 8:04.4, Kansas B 8:08.6

Second Varsity Four: UNH 8:03.8 Kansas 8:09.1 Boston College 8:11.3 Penn State 8:12.6 Lehigh 8:18.1 Villanova 8:18.3

Varsity Eight- Petite Final: Boston College 6:52.7, Georgetown 6:56.7, Kansas 7:00.0, UC Davis 7:03.5, Buffalo 7:04.2, Wisconsin LWT 7:06.4

Second Varsity Eight- Grand Final: Boston College 6:59.2, Kansas 7:04.5, Colgate 7:06.9, UConn 7:08.7, Georgetown 7:16.5, UNH 7:21.4

Novice Four- Grand Final: Buffalo 8:07.4, Kansas A 8:15.4, Penn State 8:19.8, Colgate 8:25.7, Johns Hopkins 8:40.5, USMMA 8:46.9

Novice Four- Petite Final: Georgetown B 8:15.5, S. Lawrence A 8:30.1, UMass 8:31.1, Kansas B 3:34.2, Wichita State A 8:37.3, Boston College 9:15.5

Novice Eight- Petite Final: Delaware 7:20.9, UMass 7:21.1, Villanova 7:24.9, St. Josheph’s 7:29.2, Kansas 7:31.7, Loyola 8:04.3