Kansas Rowing Takes Second at Big 12 Invitational

April 30, 2005

The Kansas rowing team placed second at the Big 12 Invitational on Saturday, April 30, in Austin, Texas. Texas swept the event for the fourth straight year and Kansas State came in third. The regatta, which took place on Town Lake, was delayed two hours due to thunderstorms.

In Varsity action, Kansas set a new school record in the 1st Varsity Eight race. With a second place time of 6:31.5, Kansas broke the record set five years ago.

“Overall I thought the day went pretty well, but I am very excited that we broke the five year record in the 1st Varsity Eight race,” said head coach Rob Catloth.

Kansas earned a second place finish in the 2nd Varsity Eight with a time of 6:45.6. Kansas avenged a close loss to Kansas State at the Kansas Cup on April 9 in the same race by beating the in-state rival at the Invitational.

“It was nice for our team to avenge the loss to Kansas State since it was such a close race the last time we competed,” Catloth said.

Kansas went on to earn another second place finish in the 1st Varsity Four with a time of 7:41.8. In the 2nd Novice Four race, the Jayhawks raced two Texas boats and came in third with a time of 8:24.0. The Jayhawks also earned a third place finish in the 1st Novice Eight with a time of 7:22.0.

“I was pleased with our results today. We are moving up on Texas and beating Kansas State was an advantage,” Catloth said. “The Big 12 Invitational sets us up really well for the South-Central Regionals in two weeks.”

The Jayhawks have a week off before traveling to Oak Ridge, Tenn., for the South-Central Regionals on May 14-15, 2005.

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-Complete Results Below-

Big 12 Invitational Scoring Results: 1. Texas – 53 2. Kansas – 45 3. Kansas State – 40

Second Novice Fours: 1. Texas `A’ – 7:39.2 2. Texas `B’ – 7:39.3 3. Kansas – 8:24

First Novice Eights: 1. Texas – 6:50.7 (5) 2. Kansas State – 7:02.9 (4) 3. Kansas – 7:22.0 (3)

First Varsity Fours: 1. Texas – 7:25.0 (7) 2. Kansas – 7:41.8 (6) 3. Kansas State – 7:54.0 (5)

First Varsity Eights: 1. Texas – 6:26.3 (27) 2. Kansas – 6:31.5 (24) 3. Kansas State – 6:44.8 (21)

Second Varsity Eights: 1. Texas – 6:37.2 (14) 2. Kansas – 6:45.6 (12) 3. Kansas State – 6:49.0 (10)

Points Awarded in each race in ()