Kansas Rowing Ties For Second at Big 12 Invitational

April 30, 2006

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The Kansas rowing team tied for second as they played host to the 2006 Big 12 Rowing Invitational on Sunday at Wyandotte County Lake and Park in Kansas City, Kan., against Texas and Kansas State.

Despite windy conditions on the water, both Kansas and Kansas State finished second earning 44 points each. Texas won its second consecutive Big 12 Invitational trophy with 56 points.

“I am very proud of how the team (Kansas) raced today,” Kansas head coach Rob Catloth said. “They handled both the weather conditions and competition very well.”

The first two events of the morning saw Kansas and Texas duel in the Novice Four and Second Novice Eight. The Jayhawks finished behind the Longhorns in both races, notching a time of 11:35.4 in the Novice Eight and 8:57.6 in the Second Novice Eight.

In other novice action, Kansas placed third in the First Novice Eight earning a time of 8:40.1 behind Kansas State (8:20.3) and Texas (8:29.1).

The varsity races again saw Kansas take second and third places. Kansas’ First Varsity Eight boat of coxswain Katie Brosious, Jennifer Ebel, Lindsey Miles, Kris Lazar, Tiffany Jeffers, Alexis Boston, Kara Boston, LlynnAnn Laugesen and Kathryn Ault finished in second with a time of 8:05.2, topping Kansas State (8:19.0).

“The (First) Varsity (Eight) race was very hard fought for,” Catloth said. “If you race like a champion nothing else matters, and that’s what we did today.

Kansas placed third in the Second Varsity Eight with a time of 8:35.7 as well as in the Varsity Four clocking a time of 9:28.2 in front of Texas’ exhibition boat (9:30.5).

The Jayhawks take a week off before they travel to Oak Ridge, Tenn., for the South/Central Regionals, April 13-14.


Big 12 Invitational
Texas – 56 points
Kansas and Kansas State – 44 points

Novice Four
1. Texas 9:36.0 (1 pt.)
2. Kansas 11:35.4

Second Novice Eight
1. Texas 8:30.8 (3 pts.)
2. Kansas 8:57.6 (2 pts.)

First Novice Eight
1. Kansas State 8:20.3 (5 pts.)
2. Texas 8:29.1 (4 pts.)
3. Kansas 8:40.1 (3 pts.)

Varsity Four
1. Texas 9:06.5 (7 pts.)
2. Kansas State 9:20.8 (6 pts.)
3. Kansas 9:28.2 (5 pts.)
4. Texas (Exh.) 9:30.5

Second Varsity Eight
1. Texas 8:11.3 (14 pts.)
2. Kansas State 8:25.4 (12 pts.)
3. Kansas 8:35.7 (10 pts.)

First Varsity Eight
1. Texas 7:58.5 (27 pts).
2. Kansas 8:05.2 (24 pts.)
3. Kansas State 8:19.0 (21 pts.)