Kansas Rowing Completes Strong Showing at the South/Central Region Championships on Sunday

May 17, 2009

OAK RIDGE, Tenn.—Kansas rowing completed a strong finish at the South/Central Region Championship in Oak Ridge, Tenn., on Sunday. The Jayhawk boats placed no lower than third, including three second place finishes, as the team built off strong performances from Saturday to end the season.

“Everybody raced higher than they were seeded and we moved up in the charts,” said head coach Rob Catloth. “Our [First Varsity] yesterday and today ran the two fastest times in school history.”

In the Varsity Eight C final Kansas placed third, narrowly finishing behind Texas with a time of 6:27.87, a school record for the boat. The Jayhawks’ strongest finish was in the Varsity Four C final with the Jayhawks placing second and beating out fellow Big 12 opponents Kansas State and Texas.

“We had a really strong performance and we moved up from where were last year so I’m pretty pleased,” Catloth said.

The South/Central Region Championships wrap up Kansas’ season, a season that sets a good foundation for the future.

“We end on a really sound note,” said Catloth. “We have a lot of young rowers and I think they learned a lot this weekend. Starting next year in the boathouse, I think we’ll be able to start out where we ended this year.”

Final Results

Open Four C Final

1. Duke B 7:09.53

2. Kansas 7:14.63

3. Indiana 7:17.73

4. Notre Dame B 7:18.13

5. Iowa B 7:20.73

6. UCF 7:30.23

Novice Eight C Final

1. Kansas State 6:42.3

2. Kansas 6:48.8

3. Indiana 6:49.0

4. Oklahoma B 7:03.0

Varsity Four C Final

1. Tennessee 7:15.0

2. Kansas 7:18.1

3. Texas 7:23.0

4. Alabama 7:31.8

5. Kansas State 7:34.4

6. Miami 7:59.7

7. Eastern Michigan 8:10.3

Second Varsity Eight C Final

1. UCF 6:31.1

2. Indiana 6:32.4

3. Kansas 6:40.0

4. Miami 6:45.9

5. Alabama 6:48.3

6. Kansas State 6:53.3

Varsity Eight C Final

1. Tennessee 6:18.7

2. Texas 6:26.54

3. Kansas 6:27.87

4. Indiana 6:28.09

5. SMU 6:35.83

6. Miami 6:37.25