Draft Quotes

June 24, 2010

NBA Draft Quotes

June 24, 2010

Cole Aldrich, New Orleans Hornets

Opening Statement:

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me. Its been a long way since I started playing basketball but dreams come true and the hard work has only just begun.”

On how playing with talented players at Kansas helped improve his game and will help him at the NBA level:

“It is really going to help me a lot because it is one of those things that really sets you up and prepares you for success.”

On how he feels about going to play with point guard Chris Paul:

“I am so excited. Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the league. He is a very unselfish guy. It is going to be so much fun playing with those guys.”

On what he thinks his strengths are:

“Definitely the defensive side. The biggest things to my game are shot blocking, defending and rebounding. I’m kind of a unique big guy who loves to go bang around on other big guys and do the dirty work. I think I can really do that well and I’m going to continue to work on that.”

On how he would feel if he was traded to Oklahoma City:

“I think whatever team it is whether I stay at New Orleans or if I go to Oklahoma City, the need for a big guy is great. I am not going to try to go in and do spectacular things. I’m going to stick with the things I’m good at. I’m very good at shot blocking, defending and rebounding and I think that’s how I’m going to make my presence on the court early is by doing those things. And I’m definitely working hard on my offensive game, too.”

On how he feels about having teammate David West on the post with him:

“I think it will be good just going up and battling with another big guy. The biggest thing I’m excited about is learning from those guys and picking their brains. They have been in the league for years and I aspire to do what they did so far. So I think just picking their brains and going out there and learning a lot.”

On new Hornets head coach Williams:

“He’s only been there since the seventh. He ran our workouts. He’s going to be a great coach. He’s one of the those coaches that really loves to get on the court and be there for the guys and make sure they work for. I think he’s going to be another great coach to play for.”

On if he and Kansas teammate Xavier Henry have kept in touch:

“I have been texting Xavier over the past week to see if he had gotten an invite to come out here. He text me late one night to tell say, ‘I got an invite, I’ll see you out there!’ I could just imagine how big his smile was. And I’m so thankful for my family. I’ve gone through so much and without them I don’t think we would be as strong as we are.”

On how he feels about two Jayhawks being drafted back-to-back:

“It’s great. Xavier and I have become great friends. We always text each other a lot and just hang out together. We’ve got a great friendship. He really looks up to me and I look up to him, too, so its really a special deal.”

On what his lost tooth says about what kind of player he is:
“I’m just that goofy guy who loves to go out and play hard. I was going up for a rebound my sophomore year against Kansas State and someone caught me. I had a mouth guard in so fortunately I only lost one tooth. Its just a characteristic of me, someone who loves going in the trenches and fighting for my team. Whether its breaking my nose my sophomore year or losing a tooth my sophomore year, I just love getting in there and fighting hard.”

On how he benefited from staying at college for his junior year:

“I think it helped me in so many ways, not only on the basketball court, but it helped me mature as a person. I went through a lot (this season) with my grandmother passing away and I just want to thank my parents for helping me through that.”

On what former Jayhawk and current New Orleans player Julian Wright has told him about the team:

“He says great things. With coach (Monty) Williams just getting signed about two and a half weeks ago, he’s going to bring a lot of energy and a lot of that fan base back to New Orleans.”

On what it was like working out with Coach Williams at New Orleans:

“It was great. He (Coach Williams) is a guy that really just loves to go out and run. He’s going to be a good guy to play for.”

On playing with point guard Chris Paul:

“It is going to be awesome. I was fortunate enough to play with Sherron Collins at Kansas for three years and now with Chris Paul, it’s going to be amazing.”