Kansas Athletics to Host Weight Room Equipment Sale

July 21, 2008


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Kansas Athletics will host weight room sale every Wednesday from July 30 through August 20 at the Anderson Family Strength and Conditioning Center.

Open house for purchasing the equipment will be the Wednesdays – July 30th, August 6th, 13th and 20th from 9-11 a.m. Those who purchase will need to either pay in cash or with a certified check.

Up for sale includes basic weight room equipment (see list below). The Anderson Family Strength and Conditioning Center is located just south of the Burge Student Union, west of Allen Fieldhouse.

Andrea Hudy, Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning, is coordinating the sale. Any questions regarding the sale(s) can be directed to Hudy at 785.864.7127 or Molly McKinnon at 785.864.5013.

Equipment for Sale: (quantity available)

Flat Full Benches: 8

Incline Benches: 6

iso-lateral Row: 2

iso-lateral Incline Press: 1

iso-lateral Shoulder Press: 1

iso-lateral Front Lat Pulldown: 1

iso-lateral Bench Press: 1

Leg Extension: 1

Leg Curl: 1

Tricep Benches: 6

Leg Press: 3

Multi Hip: 1

Standing Leg Curl: 1

Life Fitness Cable lo-ro: 4

Lat Pull: 12

Hammer Jammer: 3

Ground Base Deadlift: 4

Dip Stations: 6

Weight Stacks: 4

Air Dyne Bikes: 6

Plyo Boxes: 6

Step Up Boxes: 6

Pulling Blocks: 7

sets Lifefitness Dual Adjustable: 2

Neck Machines: 4

Glute Ham: 6

Power Lift Accessory: 4

45 lbs. polyurethane plates: 247

25 lbs. polyurethane plates: 81

10 lbs. polyurethane plates: 155

5 lbs. polyurethane plates: 61

2.5 lbs. polyurethane plates: 36