Clint Bowen And Defensive Backs Talk With Reporters Saturday

Aug. 4, 2012

080412aaa_566_6117435.jpegLAWRENCE, Kan. — Kansas special teams coordinator/defensive backs coach Clint Bowen, along with selected defensive backs, met with the media prior to Saturday’s practice. The following is an excerpt of Bowen’s session with the media:

Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach Clint Bowen
On how the secondary rotation is coming together in his eyes:
“In the secondary we obviously feel good about our first four guys. They all have experience. Bradley (McDougald), Lubbock (Smith), Greg Brown and Tyler Patmon all have experience. We really feel good about the first team. We want to create that competition to see who can get into the two-deep out of the young guys and we’re giving them a lot of opportunities. They’re getting in there and getting their reps and as things keep progressing we’re going to find out as quickly as we can, how good is Tyree Williams? Greg Allen? Tevin Shaw? Where can they fit in there? We had a chance to see the other guys in the spring time so we’re just working at getting us all at two-deep.”

On how the newcomers have been adjusting through the first few days of camp:
“They’re all true freshmen. Everything is new to them; from the base fundamentals to footwork to our communication and then all the defensive schemes. It’s all new to them. They’re learning and they’re picking it up. The good thing about this time of year is you have the one-a-day practice and you have the meeting time and you get to work with them. They’re all very bright kids and they’re doing a nice job.”

On who the leader of the secondary is:
“It’s a little bit of a group effort. All four of those guys we have out there right now are not shy kids. They’re not quiet guys. They’re just not that type of person. All four of them are more than willing to open their mouths and take control of things. They have a lot of experience. In terms of a captain; I’m not sure one guy stands out more than the others. All four of those guys are really doing a good job taking ownership of it, leading and providing that type of energy and leadership.”

On his impression Greg Brown:
“From what I’ve seen from Greg is he is in to being the best corner he can be every day. He’s playing at a pretty high level right now and he has a good skill set to begin with. If he continues to improve and progress there’s no reason that he shouldn’t be a very solid corner.”

On how he feels being back involved with the Kansas program:
“I’ve invested a large part of my life into this program. I was looking through the media guide today and I think it’s something like 17 of the last 19 years that I’ve been a player or a coach in this program. I’ve had a major investment into this thing. So personally to get this thing back to where we all know it should be as Kansas fans is important to me. We have an elite university and great facilities. We have everything in place that we need and we need to get this thing where it should be. That’s what we’re working to do and with Coach Weis getting in here, he has created a culture already of high expectations and demands. The bar is set high and our kids understand that and now it’s time to go.”

On his impressions of the corners through the first few days of camp:
We’re a pretty versatile group back there. Our corners are truly good-sized corners. They’re not soft. Let’s just call it like it is, there are some corners out there who just don’t want to touch people. I think we’ve gotten that out of our guys and don’t approach it that way. Both those guys at corner have the ability to play man or zone very well. They really are very solid all-around football players. They have good instincts and good control of their bodies and are willing to tackle people. Bradley McDougald is a very athletic safety. In reality, he has a good chance to be a very good player for us. Lubbock Smith is one of those guys that just gets it. Out of those four guys we have a good bunch there. Now we just need to plug those other two in and get a solid eight or nine guys that can really go. What they do best is all four of them are good football players. They understand the game. There are some kids that have great athletic ability that the game is hard for them. We have four guys that have great athletic ability that are football players.”