Professional Golfer Visits Women's Team

May 28, 2004

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Professional golfer Suzy Whaley visited Lawrence earlier this month and talked with the members of the women’s golf team. She talked about her experiences playing in college at the University of North Carolina and in the LPGA. She allowed plenty of time for the players to ask questions. Whaley also spent some time talking in the weight room with head coach Megan Menzel.

“She offered some great advice to our team,” Menzel said. “She shared with me her golf specific exercises and what she did to prepare for the Great Hartford Open.”

In September 2002, Whaley became the first woman to qualify for a PGA Tour event since 1945. After winning the PGA of America’s Connecticut Section Championship, she earned an automatic bid to the 2003 Great Hartford Open. In July 2003, Whaley teed up for the PGA event and shot 75 in the first round. She shot 78 in the second round, putting her 13-over par and keeping her from making the cut into the next round.

“She worked extremely hard to mentally and physically prepare to play in the men’s event,” Menzel said. “She shared a lot of that preparation with our team.”

This summer, Waley will be commentating for the LPGA Tour. She was also recently named Tournament Chair of the FORE! Women Golf Tournament, designed to raise money for developing Women’s Centers in Afghanistan. The tournament was held Monday, May 17, at the Belmont Country Club in Ashburn, Va.