Getting To Know Assistant Softball Coach Adam Roorbach

Aug. 26, 2009


Q: How did you get involved with softball?

A: I attended Indiana Wesleyan and while I was there, I became the assistant softball coach my senior year. I was always involved with the athletics department while I was going to school and loved being a part of anything that had to do with college athletics.

Q: What made you want to become a coach?

A: I’ve always loved athletics and I loved playing ball. I played baseball growing up and through high school. Also, my parents have always worked at colleges so I was always around a college atmosphere. I wanted to stay in that atmosphere and coaching was a way for me to stay involved with playing ball and in a college atmosphere.

Q: What attracted you to KU?

A: It was a chance for me to get back to the Midwest and be closer to my family. Kansas is also a great academic institution. I like the academic emphasis because it attracts the types of student-athletes I like to work with.

Also, I grew up in Indiana so I’m a huge basketball fan. What better way to enjoy college basketball than watching games in Allen Fieldhouse? I haven’t gotten to see the inside of the Fieldhouse yet because of all the construction, but I’m excited to experience my first game there.

Q: What do you look for in potential student-athletes?

A: We want kids who want to be at KU. Lawrence is such a special place that kids fall in love with it as soon as they get here. If they don’t, then it’s hard to talk them into coming here and get them to buy into our system. We want players who are a good fit here, and we want students who want to come here. We ask a lot of our student-athletes and they really have to love what they’re doing and where they are. We want kids to have that passion and that drive and who really want to be here and play for us to help take our program to the next level.

Q: What does KU and the coaches have to offer that makes KU a good choice for student-athletes?

A: KU is a very unique place. If we find kids that really want to be here and like this atmosphere, they will work harder for us and we’ll be better because of it. Our coaching staff has great attention to details and fundamentals. Players are going to get a lot of individualized attention and one-on-one instruction to help improve each player’s skills.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about Lawrence so far?

A: Aside from the great golfing, I really love going down to Massachusetts Street. It’s a great place to go and lots of fun. Free State and Quinton’s are my two favorite restaurants down there. My goal is to have a sandwich named after me at Quinton’s.