Two-Minute Drill: Isiah Barfield

Sept. 2, 2010

Junior cornerback Isiah Barfield sat down with for a two-minute drill during this week’s press conference. Barfield, a native of Haven, Kan., is expected to make his first career start in KU’s 2010 season-opener against North Dakota State Saturday. He is currently majoring in American Studies and is scheduled to graduate in 2012.

What is your favorite pre-game meal?
“Fruit Loops with 2-percent milk. I’ve done it since I was in high school, so I always eat a bowl of Fruit Loops to calm my nerves.”

Who was your favorite football player growing up?
“Deion Sanders or Walter Payton. Deion because I love defense and I like his swagger and the way he plays. Walter Payton because before I realized I wasn’t big enough to play running back, that’s who I wanted to be like.”

Best memory on a football field?
“Insight Bowl (2008). Afterwards is probably the best feeling I’ve had football-wise.”

Worst or most embarrassing moment on the gridiron?
“Worst moment is a toss-up between anytime (we) lose to K-State or Missouri, it’s the worst moment.”

If you can’t play football professionally, what else could you see yourself doing?
“I’ve always wanted to go play basketball overseas because I was a pretty good basketball player in high school. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe arena or Canadian (football), but I’ve always had a passion for kids so, I also want to be a high school football coach and an American History teacher.”

What’s your favorite type of game day weather to play in?
“I like it hot, I mean I like it steaming hot. I don’t like it too cold, but if it’s snowing so be it. But if I’d rather play in something, I’d rather it be hot outside.”

Favorite Big 12 Stadium to play in other than Memorial Stadium in Lawrence?
“My favorite stadium would have to be a toss-up between Texas and Oklahoma.”

Favorite Spring Break destination?
“I’m not really a big spring breaker. I usually go home because I don’t get to see my family very often or I go snowboarding in Colorado.”

Who of your Jayhawk teammates is the funniest?
“(Tight End) Bradley Dedaux, hands down. He’s just funny. Sometimes he doesn’t have to say anything and you’ll just start laughing at him because you know he’s just going to say something stupid.”

Which coach has the best personality?
“O-Line coach (J.B. Grimes). His accent is a real southern accent and some of the stuff he says is weird but it’s funny at the same time because you’re not used to hearing stuff like that. In practice one day when it was like 103 degrees outside, in a southern accent he says, `I once saw a rabbit and a dog racing and they were both walking’. Every day we quote him in our position room and everybody just starts laughing.”

Do you have any quirky rituals or superstitions you have before or after the game?
“Nope. I don’t do anything in particular. If I’m nervous, like I said earlier, I just eat a bowl of Fruit Loops. Most people have to have brand new cleats or brand new gloves but not me.”

How old were you when you first picked up a football?
“I first picked up a football when I was four or five. My dad used to have me stand beside this fire station that was next to our house; I would stand up against the wall and he would throw it (the football) at me as hard as he possibly could and I’d have to catch it or either get hit with the ball, so that’s how I learned how to catch the ball.”

What song do you listen to most on your I-Pod or computer right now?
“Probably BMF by Rick Ross.”

What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
“I went and saw The Exorcist last Sunday night.”

Which was the last collegiate or professional sporting event you saw live other than a KU Football game?
“The Kansas Relays at Memorial Stadium were probably the last one I saw live.”

Which building on KU’s campus is your favorite?
“I am a Wescoe guy. I like walking around when I’m waiting for a class and seeing what people are up to.”

What time is your alarm clock usually set for in the morning?
“During the summer it’s usually set for around 5 a.m. and during the season it’s usually set for 6:45 a.m.”

Do you have any nicknames?
“Everyone calls me `Zey’ or `Zey Zey’. I got that from my uncle and everybody from back home like our sports announcers call me “The Speedster from Haven”.”

What will give you more chills, walking through Campanile down the hill on graduation day in 2012? Or Running through the tunnel before your final home game at Memorial Stadium on Senior Day?
“I don’t know. Both of those have been a goal ever since I’ve been here. (Graduating) has been my parents’ goal since forever so I couldn’t tell you which one is going to be more heart-wrenching.”

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