Burning Questions: Dakota Lewis

Sept. 4, 2010

Dakota Lewis is a senior linebacker from Sulpher, Okla. He has been a fixture on special teams for the Jayhawks over the past three seasons, helping the team reach the 2008 Orange Bowl and the 2008 Insight Bowl. He sat down for a one-on-one interview before the season.

What kind of mentality does it take to play special teams?

“You have to be crazy. You have to go out there against the person across from you, and you have to want it more than they want it. You have to go out there and get it.”

Are you crazy?

“A little bit.”

What special teams role do you enjoy the most?

“Kickoff and punt returns are my favorites. They’re different. In punt returns you get a chance to block, where on kickoffs, you’re head-hunting. I love hitting other people.”

What has been your favorite game with the Jayhawks?

“My fourth game as a freshman against Florida International. I had a couple of tackles and recovered a blocked punt in the end zone. That was a big highlight.”

Did you get to keep the game ball?

“They gave us game balls, but not THE actual game ball. It’s in my parents’ house on the wall.”

You are planning to go on to dentistry school after you graduate. Have you ever knocked anybody’s teeth out?

“I’ve knocked (a few of) mine out, but I don’t think I’ve knocked anybody else’s out.”

What made you want to go into dentistry?

“Growing up I was terrified of the dentist. And I still am. I always wanted to be somebody who could make (going to the dentist) not so bad.”

In high school you lettered in football, baseball, track and power lifting. What made you choose football over the other sports?

“I love everything about football, so when I got a chance to keep playing it in college, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Growing up with an older brother, did you guys ever play on the same teams?

“In baseball, I was a catcher and my older brother (Jake) was a pitcher – he was a lefty. He went on to play college baseball. He was really good. He’s in the Coast Guard now.”

If you guys had a wrestling match right now, who would win?

“Me. He’s knows I can take him. You can ask him; he’ll tell you.”