GA and Assistantship Positions 601P

Effective 07/10


Kansas Athletics may provide positions for recent college graduates. These Graduate Assistant (GA) and Assistantship positions are limited term appointments but provide valuable experience to the recent graduate. All inquiries regarding GA or Assistantship positions should be directed to the Human Resources Director.

Graduate Assistants:

Applicants for Graduate Assistant positions must be accepted into and enrolled in graduate school at the University of Kansas in order to be considered for an appointment. Appropriate progress towards completion of the graduate degree and good academic standing are requirements of all Graduate Assistants. GA positions are limited to a maximum of two years. For all GA positions except those assigned to Athletic Training, Kansas Athletics contributes the following towards a GA’s education: monthly stipend and payment of tuition, fees, and required course textbooks. Athletic Training GA positions are salaried, not paid a monthly stipend and not sponsored. No other benefits are provided.

GAs will coordinate their work schedule with their assigned supervisor, taking into consideration class schedule, department workload, expected assignments, etc. GAs are expected to work in their assigned department approximately 20 hours per week but no more than 40 hours per week unless alternative arrangements are made with the supervisor. Should a GA work more than 40 hours, he/she shall be compensated at an overtime rate.

No more than twenty (20) GA positions are authorized each academic year. Departments authorized a GA position must have sufficient funds in their part-time salary budget to finance a GA position. The following departments at Kansas Athletics are currently authorized GA positions:

Student-Athlete Support Services (1)

Athletic Training (6)

Compliance (1)

Men’s Basketball (1)

Women’s Basketball (1)

Strength and Conditioning (1)

Facilities (1)

Project Management (1)

Business Office (1)

Marketing (1)

Senior Women’s Administrator (2)

Miscellaneous (3)

(e.g. . Williams Educational Fund, Sales and Marketing, Sports Medicine, Business Office, etc.)

In addition, NCAA regulations permit GA Coach positions in two sports. Currently Football is authorized two GA Coach positions and Rowing is permitted one GA Coach position. Additional information regarding these graduate assistant coaching positions can be found in NCAA Bylaw 11.01.3.

Assistantship Positions:

Assistantship positions are for college graduates who need work experience in a specific area of their chosen field and are one year limited term appointments. Those filling these positions are paid a monthly stipend and receive health care and dental benefits. They are not eligible for any other benefits. Should the Assistant accept a full-time, benefits eligible position at Kansas Athletics, the one-year waiting period for the mandatory retirement plan shall begin at the start date of the new position. Assistants work a regular 40 hour work week in the department to which they have been assigned. Assistants are compensated at overtime rates for hours worked over 40 per week.

The following departments at Kansas Athletics are currently authorized an Assistantship position:

Athletic Training (1)

Media Relations (1)