Chat Wednesday With Josi Lima

Josi Lima, a three-time all Big 12 selection, will stop by for a live chat on Thursday at 2:30 p.m.

Jose Lima Chat Wrap

September 15, 2005

Senior middle blocker Josi Lima, a three-time all Big 12 selection, stopped by for a live chat Thursday.

Lima and the Jayhawks will look to extend their five-match win streak and wrap up a six-match home stand Saturday when they host Oklahoma at 1 p.m. in the Horejsi Family Athletics Center. KU (9-1, 1-0 Big 12) is a perfect 7-0 at home this season.

Moderator: Senior middle blocker Josi Lima will begin to answer your questions in about five minutes. Stay tuned!
Josi Lima: Thanks everyone for joining in today’s chat. I’m ready to take your questions!
Josh W. (Emporia,KS): Compared to all the other major conferences, do you feel that the Big 12 is the most competitive conference from top to bottom? Also, what do you think KU’s chances are of winning the Big 12 this year?
Josi Lima: Hi Josh. That is a great question. The Big 12 is definitely the best conference in the country right now, so every game you play is a battle on both sides of the court. It is hard to tell about our chances of winning the Big 12 since is too early in the season but I think we are definitely in the top three of the conference.
Ty P. (KC,KS): I love watching you and the other girls play. I have been to every home game since my freshman year. KU Volleyball has made great strides since your freshman year. With the young players that are there now do you think that Kansas Volleyball will continue to improve or do you think that the program may be reaching it’s peak?
Josi Lima: Thanks Ty. Kansas volleyball has the ability and will continue to have lots of success. The recruits are becoming more and more talented each year and have great potential. The program has not reached its peak yet, but that is why we work as hard as we can every year to be the best as the year before.
Nick D. (Bristol,CT): I just want to thank you for all the great memories you have given KU Volleyball and all of its fans. Also, what do you think has been the reason(s) KU Volleyball has been so successful in the last couple of years?
Josi Lima: Nick, thank you for being supportive to our program. I think team work and chemistry has lead our team to be successful and of course trusting our coaching staff is important as well.
Brice K. (Lawrence,KS): Is Ray Bechard the greatest coach in Kansas history?
Josi Lima: Brice, good question! Without any doubt, Coach B is the best coach Kansas has ever had. He has done a great job with this program every since he arrived here. Every year, the Kansas teams are better with more potential and ability to have success.
Suga Shane (NC): Do you or any of the other players have any superstitions?
Josi Lima: Yes ‘Suga Shane,’ some players have a little superstition. I always pray right before the match. Megan Hill likes to chew old gum. Emily Brown just has to chew gum (BIG RED) while playing. One time I took her last piece of gum and she almost killed me!
Aaron Arnold (Kansas City): You and the rest of the team have been on a roll since the start of the season. Do you see KU continuing this much success when Big XII play starts? Also, do you prepare differently for conference games compared to non-conference games?
Josi Lima: I think will be very prepared for every match. Our success will only depend on our ability to be always ready and focus on our goals. We prepare for non-conference games just as well as conference games because they are just as important.
Chris Post (Oberlin,KS): What do you think is the single major reason KU has done so well in the last couple of years? Also, thanks for all the great memories you have brought to the fans of KU Volleyball.
Josi Lima: Chris — I think the major reason that KU has done so well in the last couple of years is because we developed a character of being a fighting group. We took on the reputation of never giving up no matter how hard the games — not in any circumstances. Thank you for watching us!!!
Sarah (Kansas City): Congrats on your career so far Josi! What are your plans when you are done with your senior year at KU?
Josi Lima: Thanks!!! I am going to take a year off of volleyball to spend with my boyfriend, then either going to play professional volleyball in Europe or be a coach. I need some rest first!
Charlie (San Francisco, CA): What kind of expectations can this year’s squad bring?
Josi Lima: This year we have a talented team with tremendous potential. We are going to bring our “A” game every match as Coach Bechard always says.
Luis Junior: Hi! Esse time realmente e muito bom! Essas meninas sao 10!!!Sao 100sacionais!!!
Moderator: For you non-Portuguese speakers, Josi says this translates to: “This team is extremely good. These girls are awesome!!!! They are sensational!!!”
Josi Lima: Thank you so much for the compliments and the support. Go Jayhawks!!!
Kristen (Olathe): What was the main reason you decided to leave Brazil and go to school and play volleyball at KU?
Josi Lima: Great question, Kristen! The main reason I decided to leave Brazil is that I wanted to learn a new culture and a new language and experience new things in my life. It has been a great experience so far!
Shelley (Lawrence): Great win against A&M! You have had three years playing opposite of a very good Ashley Michaels. How important of a role will Savannah Noyes play in to the success of this year’s team?
Josi Lima: Thanks, Shelley. Savannah is a great player with great potential. She is going to help us a lot this year and will be one of the best players in the Big 12 in the future.
Mike Willson (Dodge City): How tall are you?
Josi Lima: Matt, I am 6-0!
Moderator: Okay, we have time for just one more…
CT (Topeka): Josi — Just wanted to thank you and the team for being such an inspiration to the many young girls (including my daughter) who come to watch KU play and participate in the summer camps.
Josi Lima: You are welcome!
Josi Lima: Thanks for all the great questions… but I have to get to practice now. Thanks again for all your support and hope to see you Saturday when we host Oklahoma at Horejsi!
Moderator: Thanks Josi for stopping by! Fans, don’t miss the Jayhawks this season as they work toward their third straight trip to the NCAA Tournament! Log on to for future chats with Jayhawk coaches and student athletes.