Allen Fieldhouse Chart Lists Points For Most-Sought-After Seats

Sept. 15, 2010

Kansas Athletics has posted on-line a seating chart of Allen Fieldhouse that lists the minimum point totals needed to purchase a pair of season tickets this season in the most desirable sections of the Fieldhouse.

The chart may be found on at

It is also available on at

Kansas Athletics had informed its donors last June that this information would be published as soon as it was available.

“We are committed to openness and transparency,” said Jennifer Berquist, director of Kansas Athletics’ Williams Educational Fund, “and this is another way we can provide that service. When donors chose their seats in person last month we put point totals on the boards for everyone to see. We received an extremely positive reaction to that effort. Posting the information on-line reinforces our commitment to transparency and gives donors the opportunity to see where they stand in relation to other donors.”