Career Development Night Brings Together Current and Former Student-Athletes

Sept. 25, 2012

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LAWRENCE, Kan. – Sierra Miramontez remembers her job-fair anxiety like it was only a year ago – because it was. Twelve months ago, Miramontez, a former member of the Kansas soccer team was timidly walking around the Booth Hall of Athletics contemplating what to do after graduation and hoping to make a good impression. Monday night, Miramontez was one of 15 former KU student-athletes among more than 40 employers who took part in Kansas Athletics’ annual Career Development Night.

“At first I was terrified, walking around not exactly knowing what I was looking for and not really knowing a whole lot of people,” Miramontez said. “After a while you get the courage to walk up. It’s about taking chances – this is going to affect your future.”

Another former KU student-athlete, Pete Krsnich, represented corporate insurance company IMA Financial at last year’s fair and took a chance on Miramontez, who graduated in May. He was with his much more relaxed looking hire Monday night as the two met the next class of potential employees.

“I love it now, it’s way more relaxing,” Miramontez said. “I can have fun with it. A year ago, I didn’t think I’d be on the other side of it, but now I want to help kids find jobs and good places to go because I was in their position struggling with where I should go and what I should do with my life. I really enjoy it now.”

Krsnich, a member of the golf team while attending Kansas, and Miramontez were joined by former student-ahtletes Ivana Catic (Deloitte – women’s basketball), Lauren Pollimiller (Deloitte – rowing), Andy Kaiser (UPS – swimming and diving), Travis Blankenship (Medix Staffing – baseball), Lindsey Lawrence (Altria – rowing), Eric Tyler (Altria – football), Dustin Spears (Prudential – football), Mark Parks (Oread Medical – football), Jake Kauzlarich (Woody Financial – baseball), Katie Brosious (AllofE Solutions – rowing), Abby Jones (NorthWestern Mutual – women’s track and field) and Erika Flynn (Farmers Insurance – women’s track and field) at this year’s fair.

“I remember going to the career fair as a student and it was much smaller at the time,” Krsnich said. “This is IMA’s second year here and last year was where we met Sierra and she’s now working for us. I think this is a great opportunity to start thinking about what you want to do after sports.”

Student-athletes from nearly every team participated in Monday night’s fair and started with registration and hors d’oeuvres before hitting the booths and mingling with employers. The event lasted for more than two hours and included opportunities to volunteer and intern, along with graduate assistant positions and part- and full-time employment.