Postgame Quotes

Sept. 30, 2011

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Kansas Head Coach Mark Francis

On his team’s play:
“I thought we played really well today. I was disappointed we gave up two goals, but one was off a PK (penalty kick) and one was off a set piece. But in the run of play I thought we did a pretty good job. I didn’t think we played particularly well in the second half, but I thought they battled. We did enough to win the game and I thought we scored some good goals. We finished the opportunities we had pretty well and I think that’s the difference in the game.”

Sophomore Forward Caroline Kastor

On how much confidence this win gives you:
“It’s going to give us a lot of confidence, especially going into Sunday. I know we beat (Texas) last year and it was a close game, too. I think it was just 1-0 and we scored late in the game. It just shows that we have the heart and the ability to push and get the win at the end. It’s a big boost for us.”

On keeping your focus throughout the entire game:
“It was hard to get a rhythm with all the calls, but stuff like that you can’t control and we just needed to keep working and focus on the things we could control. We played with a lot of heart tonight.”

On the final play:
“I don’t remember who played that ball out there. Whitney (Berry) had a great pass and she’s obviously great at distributing to the perfect spot. I kind of saw it coming in and I got away from my defender and just went for the header.”

On recovering before Sunday’s game:
“Tomorrow we’ll have a light practice so we keep our touch and to stretch, but mainly just get a lot of rest because it is a quick turnaround. Especially, when you play more than 90 minutes. We have to focus on starters and people who played a lot so they get their legs back.”

Redshirt Freshman Goalkeeper Kaitlyn Stroud

On how big a win like this is:
“This is a huge win. First of all, this is our third win in our conference’s history against Texas. So, obviously we knew this was going to be a great game. This win against a very good team shows we’re a team to beat and we have a chance to really do some damage.”

On the defense’s performance:
“I thought the defense in this game was pretty good. They helped us hang on long enough for our forwards to get the ball in the net.”

Junior Midfielder Whitney Berry

On how big a win like this is:
“Huge, especially since they came back and tied it up. That was even bigger for us to get the win out of it.”

On the morale of the team after a win versus Texas:
“It sets a standard. We can do it, so now we have to come out and do it every game.”

On what she saw when she made the pass to Kastor for the game-winner:
“I saw her make the run and I saw the defender was a step ahead of her, so I just put it over her and hoped Caroline (Kastor) got on the end of it.”

On the recovery process before Sunday’s game versus Texas A&M:
“We definitely need to get lots of rest and get in the cold tank like we always do. We’ll have an easier practice tomorrow just to get some touches on the ball and then we should be set for Sunday.”