Kansas Athletics Cell Phone Setup and Guides

All the following cell phone documents are in PDF form.

BasicCingular 3125 Phone Features – Coming Soon

Wireless ActiveSync Setup Instructions

Used to setup your phoneto get and send your e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks wirelessly.

The Wireless ActiveSync above requires approval by Larry Keating beforethis service will work due to the additional monthly cost it accrues.


If you don’t have this approval, you may still use thewired option below with your phone to sync your e-mail, contacts and calendaritems without any additional cost or approval. This will still allow you to useOutlook to manage your cell phone contacts, receive your Outlook calendardirectly on your phone as well as take a snap-shot of your e-mail so you canview it on your phone. If you use this wired option, the only difference is youwill not be able to send e-mail using your phone and you must sync your phoneusing your computer in your office.

Wired ActiveSync Setup Instructions – Coming Soon