Postgame Quotes

Oct. 28, 2011

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 0, Oklahoma 3
October 28, 2011

Kansas head coach Mark Francis
On the loss to Oklahoma:
“They were better than us today, no doubt about it but we should not lose a game because the other team wants it more than we do.”

On refocusing their efforts to the Big 12 Championship:
“Now we are in the post season, so if we lose our season is over and there is no tomorrow. Fortunately we have done enough up to today where we still get to play next week. I think the bottom line is we have to come out and play a lot better than what we did today. The positive thing is that we got it out of our system and now we have to regroup, bounce back and show up on Wednesday and play at the caliber we are capable of.”

Redshirt freshman goalkeeper Kaitlyn Stroud
On the rest of her team’s performance:
Sometimes you have bad games and this was a bad game. I am not going to blame anyone here for not having their focus; we just had a bad day. I just hoped (during the game) that something was going to go our way or that someone was going to step up but that didn’t happen. Nothing went our way, but that happens so now we move on.”

On getting ready for the Big 12 Championship:
“We have 24 hours to feel sorry for ourselves and then we have to get our mind right because we have a Big 12 Championship we plan on winning.”

Senior midfielder Jordyn Perdue
On the loss:
“I think that they (Oklahoma) came out and knew exactly what they wanted to do. They backed us into a corner and we played the way they wanted us to play. We are not successful in that over the top ball kind of game, but the good thing about it is that with games like these, there is always a rebound. I think San Antonio is the perfect place for us to come back and totally turn it around.”

On playing her final game at the Jayhawk Soccer Complex:
“Obviously it is pretty emotional but it was a frustrating way to go out. It still does not take back from what we have accomplished so far this year because we are still in a good position to come out and win next week at Big 12’s.”

On what her team needs to do to improve:
“We just need to get back to the basics of what this team is good at, which is playing simple, one-two touch. We are a soccer team that when we possess the ball, we are successful, so doing those simple things is all we have to do.”

Sophomore midfielder Amy Grow
On her team’s offensive struggles:
“I think after we missed time after time, we got frustrated and it went downhill from there. We just need to move on from this game and learn from it.”