Kansas Rowing Races Well at the Head of the Iowa

Oct. 29, 2006

Iowa City, Iowa –

Kansas rowing continued its Fall season when it competed at the Head of the Iowa, Sunday. The team entered boats in the Novice Four, Open Four, Novice Eight, Lightweight Four, and Open Eight.

Kansas was successful in the Open Four when the `A’ boat consisting of Samira Naji, Whitney Fasbender, Lindsey Miles, LlynnAnn Laugesen, and Tiffany Jeffers went on to place second with a time of 15:51.05. The other Kansas boat in the race placed ninth out of 33 teams with a time of 16:26.31.

In the Novice Four race, Kansas went on to claim seventh-place with a time of 17:30.96. In the Novice Eight race, Kansas secured 10th place with a time of 16:08.74 Kansas also placed 13th, 20th, and 26th.

The Jayhawks also had a boat competing in the Lightweight Four. Lexie Peterson, Elisheva Patterson, Katie Beall, Sara Karcher and Kristin Deckert made up the lone Jayhawk Lightweight Four boat that took second with a time of 16:57.43.

The Open Eight was the final race of the day for the Jayhawks. The boat featuring Samira Naji, Annie Sims, Lindsey Miles, Whitney Fasbender, Tiffany Jeffers, LlynnAnn Laugesen, Kara Boston, Elisheva Patterson, and Alia Bober led the Jayhawk Open Eight boats with a seventh place finish out of 30 teams with a time of 15:10.98. Kansas also placed 11th and 18th with times of 15:29.67 and 16:18.43.

“I think we raced well,” head coach Rob Catloth said. “There was a lot of good competition here with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas State. So for our first race against that kind of competition, I think we did pretty well and it will give us a great place to continue to build for the rest of the season.”

Kansas will see action next weekend at the Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga, Tenn. on Nov. 4-5.

–Results Below–

Novice Four
Winning Time: 16:17.97
7- Kansas A 17:30.96

Open Four
Winning Time: 15:14.58
2- Kansas A 15:51.05
9- Kansas B 16:26.31

Novice Eight
Winning Time: 15:07.29
10- Kansas A 16:08.74
13- Kansas B 16:19.32
20- Kansas C 16:49.72
26- Kansas D 17:28.36

Lightweight Four
Winning Time: 16:14.95
2- Kansas A 16:57.43

Open Eight
Winning Time: 14:21.35
7- Kansas A 15:10.98
11- Kansas B 15:29.67
18- Kansas C 16:18.43