Kansas Completes Competition at the Head of the Hooch

Nov. 7, 2004

Kansas rowing completed competition at the Head of the Hooch Sunday in Gainesville, Ga. The race featured Kansas in the Championship Eight, Championship Four, Championship Double, and Championship Single races at the two-day competition.

Saturday competition featured the Jayhawks in the Championship Double race with Kansas taking second with a time of 21:46.4, fourth place with a time of 22:31.2 and the final two Kansas boats tied for ninth with a time of 22:44.2. In the Championship Eight race Kansas took fourth with a time of 17:57.1. Kansas also finished fourth in the Championship Four race with a time of 20:56.9.

Sunday competition for the Jayhawks included the Championship Single race which included ten Kansas boats. Senior Erin Hennessey took the top spot for Kansas in sixth place with a time of 22:50.6. The nine other boats placed eleventh through sixteenth and eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth place.

Kansas will return home on Friday, November 12, 2004 to take on the Kansas State Wildcats in the Sunflower Showdown. This will also mark the end of the fall rowing season for the Jayhawks.

-Results Below-

Championship Eight
Winning Time 17:16.6
4) Kansas 17:57.1

Championship Four
Winning Time 20:10.1
4) Kansas 20:56.9

Championship Double
Winning Time 21:41.5
2) Kansas Boat A 21:46.4
4) Kansas Boat D 22:31.2
9) Kansas Boat C 22:44.2
Kansas Boat B 22:44.2

Championship Single
Winning Time 21:43.2
6) Kansas Boat A 22:50.6
11)Kansas Boat G 23:34.6
12)Kansas Boat C 23:38.1
13)Kansas Boat B 23:45.8
14)Kansas Boat E 23:57.1
15)Kansas Boat F 24:10.6
16)Kansas Boat D 24:17.1
18)Kansas Boat H 24:25.4
19)Kansas Boat J 24:33.1
21)Kansas Boat I 25:15.7