Post Game Quotes

Nov. 9, 2008

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Kansas 67 Washburn 51


Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the KU offense:

“There are going to be nights when we struggle to score in the half court. But you have to have the toughness to go and guard and create some opportunities in transition. When you struggle to score and the other team makes a run, everybody naturally tightens up. I thought we were much more aggressive in the second half, caused some turnovers and created some scoring opportunities.”

On Krysten Boogaard:

“I thought that she did a nice job of getting deep post position and keeping the ball high. When we can throw it into her and she can score easily, everybody breathes a little easier. We just need to throw it to her and let her work one on one.” On what they can take from this game: “We saw a lot of things on film that will translate to the regular season. They are good enough to make you pay. That was a good team and our kids understand that. I have always respected what they are doing over at Washburn. They will have a good year.”

On the KU defense: “We have talked a lot about playing tough defense and denying passing lanes. When we do that we get opportunities in transition. We need to learn from not only our mistakes, but also our successes. I know we will grow and commit to playing good defense.”

Junior guard LaChelda Jacobs

On the game’s similarity against Washburn two years ago:

“Coach Henrickson definitely reminded us when we played them two years ago that we’ve never led at half. It’s always been a tight game with Washburn because they are a good team, and they’re going to win a lot of basketball games. They’re a Division II institute, but they have Division I players. No knock on them, they’re a very good team. I think we picked it up towards the end and we were able to finish the game.”

On driving to the basket more:

“As far as my role as a point guard it’s been going to the basket more, getting to the rim and not taking so many jump shots. That’s not really part of my game. I try to be more aggressive on the defensive end. It didn’t really show in the stats today, but I got in the passing lanes and helped my teammates get steals.”

Sophomore center Krysten Boogaard

On improving consistency:

“I need to work on my consistency. I need to work on that in our three-hour practices and stay focused. That’s just really something I need to work on.”

On foul trouble:

“I get upset because I know that I’m better than that and I play better than that. I know that I can move my feet and do the things I need to do in order to not get those fouls.”

Junior guard/forward Danielle McCray

On the game’s similarity against Washburn two years ago:

“It kind of felt that way a little bit. In the beginning we were struggling to make a shot. Credit that team, they’re a really good team. People might underestimate them because they’re Division II, but they have Division I athletes. They have a transfer, number 32 (Janice Bright), who could probably be a guard in our league. That’s a great team and it was kind of a feeling of déjà-vu, but we knew that we couldn’t let them come out in the second half. That’s one thing we changed from last year. We went on a run right away and I think that’s one of the big differences from last year’s team.”

On being ready for the regular season:

“We’ve had two great games to get us ready to start, and we ended on a really good team. I think that really helped us.”

Head Coach Ron McHenry

On KU’s 9-0 run to open the second half:

“We’re still a little unorganized at times and the group that started the second half gave up the 9-0 run. You just can’t do that, especially on the road, whether it be in the Big 12 or in the MIAA. You just can’t do that and we did it. We had to fight our way out of a hole and they are too good of a basketball team and have too many good players to do that. We just have to work on those things and try and come out at halftime and play better. I thought KU came out with a little more purpose in the second half and really got out and played hard.”

On turning the ball over 23 times:

When people get easy baskets on you, it’s usually because you messed up on the other end offensively. We turned the ball over quickly and then they would go down and get easier shots. When the ball goes in the basket, it’s easier to defend. When you turn the ball over, its the hardest way to defend. When you miss a shot, it’s easeier to defend. We had 23 (turnovers) on the game and that’s way too many to try and beat a team on the road.”

On comparing Kansas and Kansas State after facing both teams:

“Kansas has some nice long athletes and they play hard. They are two different looks. KU’s really athletic and can get out and pressure you defensively. I love their defense. They are able to force a lot of turnovers and that is what they want to do. K-State does not have quite that look. They both have great shooters. (Krysten) Boogaard is pretty good. She was hard on us because we’re not real big in the post. KU has a real go-to-player in (Danielle) McCray. It’s going to be a good matchup because it is kind of two different games. K-State is more of a finesse team and I think KU can play finesse, but they come at you with a different look.”

On going into the half tied at 28:

“I thought we played hard. We had some kids come off the bench and play awfully well. Emily Gibson, who is our third-string post, played some quality time in the first half. We had some kids play well that came off the bench. In the second half, we kind of got away from that.”