Postgame Quotes vs. Idaho State

Nov. 11, 2012

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Kansas 52, Idaho State 36
Nov. 11, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Kansas head coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening Statement:

“I thought offensively Idaho State struggled because sometimes it was because of us and sometimes it wasn’t because of us. Maybe it was our ability to speed them up but I’m impressed they came in here and said, `we don’t care what league you play in, we don’t care who you play against, we don’t care how many games you won, we don’t care whether your ranked or not.’ They came in here physical and tried to shove us around and on our end, I’m disappointed that we reacted and didn’t respond and we had too many chippy fouls and we needed more poise and composure. But we had some runs and made some plays in transition but they (Idaho State) just came out there and made a mess in the paint. We had three offensive fouls between both halves but we know we’re better than that and we have to play better than that, control what you can control but I think it got ugly and muddy, we had 11 offensive rebounds but made two of those in the first half. Sometimes you have to sit down and recognize that there’s some contact and finish but I thought we just kept throwing it up there not on balance, and not with much intent but just to get it out of our hands, but those things we can learn from. The good things are we are shooting lay-ups and that’s good, and the better news is that we kept trying to chase them and get all of the offensive rebounds on a night where it was just a struggle for us to score but I give them credit, and that’s good for us. We play in the Big 12 and it’s physical, that should be to our advantage but we didn’t take advantage of it. This is a game for us that’ll help us and we can grow for it.”

On Idaho State going nearly 10 minutes without scoring:
“I wouldn’t give us that much credit. The good news is that we won, the bad news is that it won’t look good on film as it did live and it looked real bad live most possessions. We sped them up some but just things from scouting report defense, forcing some kids to use their left hands who continuously ripped and drove it right, that’s agonizing to me because in our league we are going to have to do that with some people, where we have to force them to a hand they are not good in, we broke down there and there were sometimes where we could have pinched on a drive but we were out denying a guy who we would have been okay with if they caught it or maybe even shot it, playing the percentage but we foul. Those are the kind of things that from a lack of focus and concentration point we just broke down.”

On Angel’s finger and Carolyn’s knee:
“Yeah, they just ended up taping it, I’ll get more information when I get with the trainer in my office. For Carolyn we could have went a little bit longer but being sensitive to three games in a week, we want to be smart with her and the plan was the same thing where she played 20 minutes over two halves and no need to go back to her and exceed those minutes in a game with the way the points were the way it was.”

On Carolyn’s minutes played:
“Every day is a positive step for Carolyn. Every day is progress for her. It’s good for her, they tried to shove her around a little bit, and that’s going to happen to her and she’ll respond better. We don’t beat her up too much in practice, by design. In the Washburn game, she was excited that they got a little physical with her, but she didn’t look as excited today but she’ll get it. She’s an unbelievable player. She’ll be fine.”

Kansas senior guard Angel Goodrich
On Team’s Shooting:

“I didn’t realize how bad our shooting was. I don’t know if we weren’t trusting shots or if we weren’t taking the right shots. I personally think we were all a little bit antsy out there. At that point it becomes contagious because you want to try to play together but it becomes out of sorts. I think next time that happens we all need to come together and just calm each other down.”

On the physicality of the game:
“It absolutely was a physical game and the refs allowed it to be that way. I personally like it that way when the refs don’t call it and allow us to play. It makes it better for us and for them when we have to adjust to the calls being made.”

On her team’s defense:
“I felt we could have put more pressure on and been more up in their face. We also need to start boxing a lot more consistently.”

Kansas senior guard Monica Engelman
On the team’s defense:

“I think we got up in them at times. We could have been a little more consistent with our ball pressure. But at the times that we were putting more pressure on them I thought we were doing a pretty good job.”

On team’s offensive productivity:
“We need to be more aggressive. They kind of got up into us a little bit. You never want to back down and I felt when they got aggressive we didn’t match their intensity.”

On looking forward to next game:
“I think today was first-game jitters. For the next game we need to build upon what we did well and need to improve on what we didn’t do as well.”

Idaho State head coach Seton Sobolewski
On what accounted for a big KU run in the first half:

“I think there were some nerves there. We kind of had a little carryover from the Kansas State game. We didn’t shoot it as well as we probably should have against Kansas State and maybe it was some nervousness, a little anxiety. We just try to reassure our players that they shot the ball well enough last year to win a championship. We got to get back to thinking that way and having the self-confidence again. This is a tough trip to do this early for us. This is like juming into the deep end of the water and start swimming.”

On how his team defended:
“We held them to 30.8 percent shooting. We feel like a good defense team can hold a team to 34 percent or lower from the field. We held them to 30.8; if you do that you should be able to put yourself in a position to win. Our offensive struggles really hurt us.”

On the difference between KU and Kansas State:
“They’re a lot different. KU has a lot more size. They have a better post game. Kansas State is more of a spread-you-out, smaller, quicker, look to drive the ball to the basket, drive and kick. Content with hitting a lot of outside shots and content with hitting some deep threes. Chambers, she took and made shots from Missouri and we’re playing in Kansas. She went 5-8 from the three; so just a lot different, a lot different. You’ve got quickness and athleticism, and then you’ve got a power game with KU with an exceptional point guard.”