Kansas Rowing Defeated at the Sunflower Showdown

Nov. 12, 2004

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Kansas rowing completed the fall season at the Ninth Annual Sunflower Showdown where they were defeated 12-10. The race which took place at Burcham Park, was a 2,000 meter sprint race. Each race was worth team points and there were five races that took place: the Novice Four (1 point), First (5 points) and Second(3 points) Novice Eight and the First(8 points) and Second(5 points) Varsity Eight.

In the Novice Four, Kansas State came in first with a time of 8:27.2 and following close behind was Kansas with time of 8:31.7. In the closest race of the day, Kansas State inched passed Kansas in the Second Novice Eight with a time of 7:39.4. Kansas finished the race at 7:39.9.

Kansas came out on top in the First Novice Eight race with a time of 7:18.2, followed by Kansas State at 7:52.8. Kansas was victorious in the Second Varsity Eight race with a time of 6:41.4, followed by Kansas State at 6:44.9. The final race of the day, the First Varsity Eight race, was a chance for Kansas to take the title but they came up short losing to Kansas State. Kansas State finished the race in 6:28.5 and Kansas came in at 6:31.8.

“Other than losing the trophy to Kansas State, overall the race went ok. We worked really hard and it gives us things to work on this winter to get ready for the spring,” said Coach Rob Catloth. The Jayhawks have winter and spring training and will begin the spring season March 26, 2005.

– Complete Results Below –

Novice Four: Kansas State 8:27.2 Kansas 8:31.7

Second Novice Eight: Kansas State 7:39.4 Kansas 7:39.9

First Novice Eight: Kansas 7:18.2 Kansas State 7:52.8

Second Varsity Eight: Kansas 6:41.4 Kansas State 6:44.9

First Varsity Eight: Kansas State 6:28.5 Kansas 6:31.8