Post Game Quotes

Nov. 13, 2004

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Kansas Quotes

Nov. 13, 2004

Head Coach Mark Mangino

On the game

“Our team played well enough to win. I think we should have won this game and we deserved to win, but it just didn’t work out.”

On quarterback Brian Luke

“He did an excellent job. The guy barely got any practice time because all the snaps went to John Nielsen. I am really proud of Luke, he overcame a lot of adversity this season and has over his whole career. You really have to give credit to him, he did a marvelous job.”

On the KU defense

“They’ve got some weapons at Texas and I thought our kids matched up well. We don’t have a great rotation of defensive players but they made a lot of big plays. They fought their tails off and they were tired at the end of the game, so we called a timeout. I am very, very proud of our defensive unit.”

On the KU offense

“I really like the way our offense executed when you consider the lack of continuity in that unit. Our kids on offense showed a lot of heart today. I could not be more proud of a group of players as I am of our team as a whole. The way our offense overcame so much adversity and came in and fought – it’s pure joy to coach this team.”

On special teams

“They have done a great job all year long. Very few people have returned kicks for substantial yards. They rose to the occasion again today. Texas has some pretty quick return men back there.”

On Mark Simmons

“Mark played really well. Mark is the kind of guy who even after making all those big plays, he still told me has was sorry about his fumble early in the game. Our defense ending up stuffing them [Texas] anyways, so the fumble didn’t matter anyways. Simmons played a super game – made catches, ran with the ball and blocked well. He really made a great account of himself today.”

Junior quarterback Brian Luke

On coming into today’s game

“I treat every game the same. I was definitely disappointed in myself and my performance at Iowa State and was humbled by it. This week I was going in very level-headed and if I had my opportunity I was going to make the most of it.”

On the game

“We just didn’t make enough plays to win the game. We can’t make excuses. We had opportunities but just rolled with the punches. What we learned here is going to carry over into life – and I think that’s the big picture. At this point, we are disappointed but not discouraged.”

Junior linebacker Nick Reid

On the game

“It just hurts. This one hurts the worst. The sixth-ranked team in the nation and we had them down 10 points and couldn’t get it done.”

On his pass play

“I was nervous. I hoped that I could get the ball up and we could make a play – but it turned out okay.”

Senior center Joe Vaughn

On the tough loss

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your situation is. You just have to go out and play hard. We have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason.”

On the Missouri game

“I am really excited and can’t wait until Monday. Missouri is our main focus right now. That is going to be our bowl game. It’s a big rivalry and we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunity.”