Todd Reesing Played With Confidence on Senior Day

Nov. 14, 2009

LAWRENCE, Kan.– – Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing started the KU vs. Nebraska game on November 14 by running on the field to greet his parents on senior day. Out of all the seniors, his entrance was the most enthusiastic; he leaped off the ground and nose dived into his parent’s arms, and with that you knew Reesing was ready to play.

After a rough four games Reesing has his confidence back, despite the Nebraska win of 31- 17, he made plays that almost led KU to a victory.

“He played well,” Head Coach Mark Mangino said. “He hustled around, he threw the ball well and he passed well. He made some big plays to give us an opportunity to win; we just weren’t able to capitalize on them.”

Reesing’s first game highlight occurred when he rushed for a five-yard touchdown in the second quarter, and after facing a hard-nosed defense, Reesing ended the game with 42 total rushing yards.

“No one is going to doubt that we played against a great defense today,” Reesing said. “Nebraska’s defensive line is one of the best out there and we came right at them. We ran the ball well and made some big plays here and there. We were clicking.”

The second standout play happened in the fourth quarter when Reesing connected on a 21-yard touchdown pass with wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe. This touchdown pushed the Jayhawks to a one-point lead and the fans at the sold out stadium in Kivisto Field in Memorial Stadium waved the wheat in appreciation.

“I ran it off Kerry Meier’s route,” Briscoe said. “Meier did a phenomenal job by taking the safety in the corner and I just had to come underneath them and I was wide open. “

In his last game at Memorial Stadium Reesing finished the night with 236 total passing yards.

“To think that I will never get to sprint out into Memorial Stadium again with all of our fans singing our songs, hearing our chants and having fun with all my teammates it sucks,” Reesing emotionally said. “These last four years have been the best memories I have ever had. “

Reesing appears back in his zone and he is ready to take on the next two weeks with pride. KU had opportunities to put points on the board and capitalizing on those opportunities will be a top priority.

“I don’t think anyone can doubt our effort, ” Reesing said. “We gave it everything we got every snap and to come up short is tough.

Reesing’s teammates still have confidence in him and after his performances over the past four years there is no question that Reesing can make big plays in high pressure situations.

“Todd Reesing has made a lot of great plays and I would never doubt him,” Briscoe said. “I would not trade him for another quarterback, he is a great guy. He had a couple of bad games, but he played good today.”

Next, Reesing will try to work his magic and help the offensive click to pull off the upset against Texas on November 21.

“The only things we can do is keep our heads high and keep working to see if we can catch a couple breaks along the way to see if we can get ourselves a win, ” Reesing said.