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Nov. 27, 2010

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Kansas Postgame Quotes

Kansas 90, Memphis 58

November 27, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game vs. Memphis overall:

“I thought we flew around. We jumped on them early. This is a team that we have great respect for. Those young freshmen stepped up and took the challenge of stopping (Brittany) Carter. You talk about a monster, and that’s who we went after. We tried to take her out by limiting her touches. She’s a great player. She got looks, not good looks or a lot of looks, but she got to the rim a couple of times on us. I thought we shared the ball and we attacked. It was a good win with contributions from everybody, which is fun.”

On freshman guard Keena Mays:

“What I love about her is that she attacks the press when someone comes after her. What I told her was `You can go 100 miles an hour to half court but once you get to half court, I need you to slow it down to 70 so you can make good decisions.’ That’s about right for her because you don’t want to go 100 miles an hour at the top of the key because you’re probably going to make a bad decision.”

On the team spreading out the scoring:

“Well we shared the ball. We’re going to be a team that is going to give it to the post. You go back to the Wisconsin game and everyone scored. That is really hard to guard. I thought we were more aggressive off of the dribble and shared the ball well.”

On the rebounding:

“Our second shot offense is good. We talk about the numbers and your second shot opportunity will be barely challenged, and your third opportunity will be wide open. We’re good about getting the balled tipped. We tip it out and set up an offense. It’s about possessions, turning people over and then not turning the ball over. You have to win that possession game. You need to win the loose ball possessions. The other way is offensive possessions. The game is all about possessions; whether you’re shooting the ball well or not, you need to have more possessions.”

Sophomore guard Monica Engelman

On how confidence affects the team:

“It’s a lot easier to score, make certain passes and run in transition if you have confidence in yourself. That’s what we got ourselves into (last game) and I know individually I was low on the confidence side. That’s where I struggled most.”

On gaining confidence after making her first shot of the game:

“You don’t have to have that stress after you make your first shot. You can relax. I don’t have to shoot it the next time, I can pass it to my teammate and they can knock one down and we can keep building momentum.”

On the differences between Kansas point guards Keena Mays and Angel Goodrich:

“They favor each other. Keena (Mays) and Angel (Goodrich) can both make awesome passes. They both can push the ball and change the game.”

On the team’s rebounding:

“We really hit that really hard when we started practicing–even in the offseason. We are going to have to guard, rebound and get 50-50 balls. When we set goals for ourselves, rebounding is really what we focus on.”

Freshman guard Keena Mays

On not taking as many shots against Memphis as she did against North Dakota State:

“Memphis was playing differently than North Dakota State did yesterday. (North Dakota State) sagged off yesterday. I knew today I’d have to penetrate and kick to an open teammate or get to the rim.”

On how head coach Bonnie Henrickson got the team to slow down in the second half:

“She talked to us at halftime about just trying to beat the defender and then slowing down and making good plays once we passed half court.”

On filling in for point guard Angel Goodrich:

“I have to lead at the point guard position even though I’m a freshman. That’s not really an excuse; I have to do everything that she did, plus my role.”

North Dakota State head coach Carolyn DeHoff

On the win today:

“It is a nice win on the road. We have to find ways to win and obviously we had a really quick turnaround playing a 7 o’clock game getting over at 9:30 last night and turn around and play at 3:30 today. We got up at 8:30 today for shootaround because we needed to walk through some things that Fordham does. Credit our kids, it wasn’t pretty at times but we have had some of those games where there is just no flow to it and so eventually you just have to punch it in the gut and sustain and get through. Our kids responded.”

On the shooting efficiency:

“We shot 40 percent, I would not have thought that. We turned it over again, especially early, and those turned into catastrophic turnovers and into layups. We have to be better than that and be ready to play. Those are pieces that we are trying to put together and some game here it will all come together for us.”

On North Dakota State’s team speed and rebounding this afternoon:

“We felt for much of the game we had the athleticism going for us. We got caught just hanging down there more than (Katie) Birkel in terms of rebounding. We were clogging her up so she couldn’t get it out and run early and when we did, which is what we did in the second half, we got Whitney (Trecker) into the game doing what she is best at and that is transition to the rim, so that was good to see.”

On team scoring:

“They struggled defending (Katie) Birkel out of that vertical screen action and even then we changed it to an angle screen out of the high pick she did a great job of reading it when it was for her and knew when she needed to dish it out.”