Game Quotes

Dec. 3, 2005

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Postgame Quotes
Kansas 100, New Orleans 50
December 3, 2005

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On Freshman Guard Ivana Catic:
“I thought she did a nice job and created layup oprotunities for other kids. I thought she had great energy.”

On the game:
“I’m pleased on our response to last night. We came out with energy. I think that this group is learning to take some pride on the defensive end. As good as we are and effective in transition we have to get some deflections, force some tough shots, rebound and run. We have the speed and the playmakers to maximize that.”

On New Orleans:
“We still wanted some more pressure. We understood that this was the most athletic team we have played. They started hitting some uncontested shots. We thought that it would be a good test for us to see if we can defend penetration. I felt like we played the ball a little better.”

On playing unselfishly:
“We handled the ball with pressure with our head and eyes up and we see people that are open. It’s hard to make a pass if you have your head down and your eyes down. I think it starts with confidence as a ball handler. There are a lot of passers who can’t pass because they can’t bring their head up to see because they do not handle the ball well enough. Erica (Hallman) and Ivana (Catic) can pass with some pressure. We also have to credit those who make the shot. The rule of a good shot is no one else on the floor has a better one. We don’t take bad shots. These kids are not selfish, they are very unselfish.”

Sophomore Forward Taylor McIntosh
On the team’s attitude:

“We came out today more focused and with a lot more energy. You could tell during warm-ups that everyone was fired up and excited about the game and it showed.”

On the teams improvement:
“Yeah, I think we just need to be more consistent. Yesterday, we played good in the first half and then laid down in the second half. Today we played equally well in both halves.”

On the game being fun:
“It was real fun. It is better to be on this end of the game because last year we had a lot of close games that we should have won that we ended up losing. I am just happy we are winning.”

Freshman Forward Marija Zinic
On the tournament:

“I think the tournament was a great experience. Especially today because we played so well.”

Senior Guard Erica Hallman
On getting up early:

“It’s a good thing when we can get up and take care of business. Then we can sit back and watch the younger kids get some experience.”

New Orleans Head Coach Amy Champion
On the game:
“You don’t ever expect to get beat by 50, but when you have 29 turnovers and a very, very young basketball team, our objective is to try to get better. We just try to win the small battles, and tonight we won the boards which was a battle we set out to win. Turnovers have been our nemesis all year long, and with a young basketball team they realize the importance of taking care of the basketball, but 29 turnovers is just unacceptable.”

On rebounding for the next game:
“Our kids are still motivated. They feel like they won some small battles tonight. We did have some successes within the realm of things. We strive everyday just to get better.”

On the effects of Hurricane Katrina:
“A lot of people ask me if it (the hurricane) has or if it hasn’t (affected the team), but it has. Anytime you go through a disaster of that magnitude it becomes an adjustment for everyone. UT Tyler has greeted us with open arms and tried to make the transition very easy, but in the back of our mind we are not at home and not on our home floor. This was supposed to be our tournament and here we are playing in Kansas.”