Kansas-NMSU Postgame Quotes

Dec. 3, 2008

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Postgame Quotes

Coach Self Quotes

On the game:

“We didn’t play near as well (as in the Kent State game). I think in large part because we need Cole (Aldrich) to look good. We didn’t have any inside presence. I didn’t think we played particularly well. I thought we got into a little bit of a rhythm in the second half to score 58 points. So we did some good things, but we had unforced turnovers and we didn’t go after balls.”

On the team’s offensive performance:

“There are some talented kids out there that can go make some plays, but we have got to have Cole in the game. Sherron (Collins) had about two or three careless turnovers, in my opinion. But I thought he got other guys shots. I thought he did a good job of that. Tyshawn (Taylor) needs to get to the point where he can get other guys shots. The ball is going to be in his hands a lot and he’s going to need to be able to get the ball to Sherron and Cole.”

On the team’s defensive performance:

“I felt like our defensive scouting report defense wasn’t very good, and it wasn’t just the young kids. I think this is the second-most points that we have allowed since I got here, so I’m not leaving here ecstatic with our defensive play. We have got to get better and we have a lot to work on. I feel like we are making progress, but defensively you’re going to have to win games on the road defensively.”

Freshman Guard Tyshawn Taylor

On his position as point guard:

“As a point guard, that is just something I have to do. I feel like I can get my team more shots, so that’s going to be my emphasis from now on. Scoring may be nice, but I’d much rather win and have assists, so that’s what I’m going to focus on from this point on.”

On Quintrell Thomas:

“He stepped up and he came in and played really well tonight. I’m happy for him. I think he did a really good job and he stepped up when we really needed him.”

Kansas‘ toughness:

“Some guys feel like they’re tough enough. But I think we just need to go for loose balls, we have to dive on the floor. A lot of us are catching one-handers. I feel like [Coach Self] wants us to be tougher and I feel like we will be.”

On his dunks:

“Every single one of my teammates and the coaches said something to me about missing that dunk, so I felt like I just had to. I think I ended up getting two. The last one felt really good because it was stupid at the time, but I still got it.”

Sophomore Center Cole Aldrich

On his improved speed:

“Coach was talking to us and correlated it all to our toughness, which is one thing that he enjoys seeing the big guys do, move up and down the court.”

On Quintrell’s bad mood:

“He usually seems upbeat, with a smile on his face, but every player goes through one of those little slumps. It happened to me tonight, I got in foul trouble. Not only is that frustrating me, but also for everyone else on the team. That is one thing that I have got to do is play smarter. Every time Quintrell (Thomas) gets in the game he has to give that extra energy.”

Freshman Forward Quintrell Thomas

On his improved play:

“We were watching film, and I came in the morning after the Coppin State game and coach showed me that I was not going after rebounds or putting myself in a position to score. He said that he can’t keep me in the game if I am not doing what I am supposed to.”

On getting in the game early:

“Yesterday at the end of the game, I thought that I did pretty well. So this game I got in early and surprisingly coach didn’t say anything because I am supposed to know what I am going in there to do anyway.”

On getting an opportunity to play:

“I am supposed to go in there and maintain the lead and not let anything drop off.”

On this game being a confidence boost:

“This game did boost my confidence level, because yesterday I did have an open jump shot but I didn’t take it. It was feeling like when it came to games, I was making so many mistakes.”

NMSU Head Coach Marvin Menzies

On forcing KU’s big men into early foul trouble:

“That was the plan. We were hoping that we could get Cole (Aldrich) into foul trouble, being that he’s had some problems with that. We went at him off the ball screens, and we did a good job of that and it worked. We just didn’t capitalize on them as much as we could have. Being down 11 (at the half) after giving them the 6-0 start is probably not that bad. If we had just come out and played more solid for the first few minutes, we would have only been down five or six (at the half).”

On shooting 26 three pointers:

“We shoot them, especially when we are down. We have four or five guys that can shoot a very good percentage from the three point line. We were 11-for-22 last game, so we are going to look to do that as needed. Obviously in this game, being down, we had to look to the advantage of the three-point shot. Hopefully we will not have to rely on it as much in the future.”

On Kansas’ second half run to pull away:

“I’m a little foggy on the technical details that occurred, but I do know that we had a couple defensive breakdowns. They had a couple offensive transition buckets and an ‘and-one’ for Sherron (Collins).”

On taking away good things from today’s game:

“You schedule games like this to give your young kids an opportunity to play in a fantastic environment, with great tradition. I appreciate Bill (Self) giving us an opportunity to come and play here. Our guys will have some special memories, maybe not of the final score, but of competing in this legendary arena. There’s no doubt we’ll gain some experience off the film and try and get better. We did some good things. Our quickness helped us force 18 turnovers and we got to the line 19 times. There’s some big pluses to take as well.”

Sophomore Forward Wendell McKines

On facing Kansas center Cole Aldrich:

“Cole Aldrich is a big boy. He uses his athleticism and skills well and he is probably the best big man I have seen thus far. His footwork impressed me the most about him. He has a nice touch around the basket and he really gave us some problems around the basket.”

On facing the defending National Champions:

“Coach (Marvin Menzies) said that he scheduled this game to give us a good learning experience. We aren’t going to see these types of guys in the WAC. We are just trying to improve and then take it from there.”

On his performance individually:

“I tried to take the ball to the rack and get some nice touches around the basket. My rebounding wasn’t up to par but I am just trying to focus on the next game.”

On playing at Allen Fieldhouse

“It is definitely up there as far as the best palces I have played. We played at Duke last year. They are both great places to play, and it is something I will tell my daughter about.”