Post Meet Quotes

Dec. 2, 2011

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Bob Timmons Challenge
Dec. 2, 2011
Post Meet Quotes

Head Coach Stanley Redwine
On his overall evaluation of the meet:
“I was really pleased. We had several winners, which is always good but I was more impressed with the facility. Anschutz was great today. Ii was the first time running in our new facility and I’m really happy with how the performances were in here. One of the hurdles may have ran the fastest time in the world. He had a great race. Our team did great, so I’m happy.”

On how his team competed today:
“Most of them – when it was close and came down to them and another person – they dug in and found a way to compete at the end. If they continue to do those things we can be pretty good. Obviously there are still some areas we can get better. As we get in better race shape I think they’ll do better. Overall it was a good day.”

On what the focus will be as they head into their month off from competition:
“We’re getting ready to go back into a base period. It will be really important for the athletes to focus on their academics right now, make sure they do well with their classes and then come back from break ready to go.”

Junior distance runner Natalie Becker
On her first place performance in the 3000 meters:
“I feel like through the last few laps I kind of quickened the pace more, so I just did the best that I could do.”

On her teammates aiding her through the race:
“They were a great help, leading through the first few laps, which helps out a lot in the beginning.”

On her competing in the first event of the Bob Timmons Classic:
“It feels good. This is a new track, so it was neat that I got to be in the very first race out there.”

Senior distance runner Donny Wasinger
On finishing first in the 3000 meters:
“I am happy, but I would be even more so if I would have gone a little bit faster. This was my first race back and after a long time of being out, so it was a good way to get back into it.”

On the new track inside Anschutz Pavilion:
“I like it a lot. It feels good and there are some nice new rails. The new scoreboard, I especially like because it is nice being able to come around and see your times and everything.

On finishing first and second in the 3000 meters with freshman Gabe Gonzalez:
“I am very pleased, hopefully we can keep it going throughout the year. He is a young, only a freshman and he got second, so I think he has a bright future.”

Sophomore pole vaulter Demi Payne
On winning her first competition of the season:
“This is a really good way to start the season. I think this will really light a fire under me because I wanted to PR and I didn’t, so this next month I’m going to work really hard to improve. Overall I’m really pleased thie the way I performed today.”