KU Football Press Conference Quotes (Dec. 10)

Dec. 10, 2008

Kansas Football Press Conference Quotes

Dec. 10, 2008

Senior Offensive Lineman Adrian Mayes:

His thoughts on playing Minnesota:

“I am glad that we are going to play a good opponent like Minnesota. I have watched a little bit of film and their defense looks pretty good. They have a really good defensive end. From what I saw they have a really good front four and it should be a good challenge for our offensive line.”

On the importance of winning the Insight Bowl:

“To have 20 wins in two seasons is a big thing. To have the chance to win back-to-back bowls is something that we want to go out with. It is really important for us to get this win. I know it will be a lot of fun.”

Senior Linebacker Joe Mortensen

On his feelings after the Missouri victory:

“I was really emotional because it was my last time to play Mizzou and it was one of my last college games. It was one of our rivals, so it felt so good that we beat them in my senior year. We had lost to them the last couple years, but it is a good way to go out.”

On the schedule before the bowl game:

“Coach Mangino has talked to us about that. This week has been kind of an off-week. He has given us time to study for our finals, but we’re going to start hitting it hard this weekend and into next week. It’s going to be intense and we’re going to use all 15 practices.”

On Minnesota:

“The last two days we have been watching film. We just got our film in on Sunday, so we’ve been watching them the last two days. They run a lot of empty (sets) and we have seen a bunch of spread this year, so we should be ready. They have a really good wideout and a good quarterback. Those are the guys that we are going to have to contain. They love to pass the ball. They are one of the only spread teams in the Big Ten. They started off 7-1, and were really hot, but they’ve lost the last few games. They are still a really good team though.”

On it being his last game as a Jayhawk:

“It’s going to be emotional. It’s going to be fun. I am from southern California, so I have like 20-to-30 people coming out to the game. It is in Arizona, so it is going to be nice weather. It is going to be a great atmosphere. And because it is my last college football game, I’m looking forward to it.”

On how Minnesota scares him:

“They have a really good wide out and they also have a really good quarterback. Those are the guys that we are really going to have to contain. They love to pass the ball as they are one of the only spread teams in the Big 10. They started out really hot at 7-1 and then cooled off a bit at the end of the year, but they are still a really good team. I think the Big 12 has some of the best offenses and defenses in the country so we have definitely seen a lot of good spreads so far this year. I am definitely not talking down the Big 10 because I know they are a very good conference as well, but we have played some of the best offenses in the nation.”

On getting pressure on the quarterback against Minnesota:

“That is definitely one thing we are going to look for. When you are running against spread offenses it is always nice to get a hit on the quarterback.”

On the chance of the senior class finishing their last two years with 20 wins:

“It is huge. Our senior class wants to leave a legacy. We want to win bowl games. This is the first time in school history that we have gone to back-to-back bowl games and we want to win back-to-back bowl games.”

Junior Cornerback Justin Thornton

On Minnesota Wide Receiver Eric Decker:

“He’s a great wide receiver. He’s put up some great numbers this year and I have had a chance to watch him on film a couple of times, so he’s definitely a guy that we’ll keep an eye on. He does a lot of things well. He runs great routes and catches great balls.”

On Minnesota Quarterback Adam Weber:

“Their quarterback is a good player. He kind of reminds me of Todd (Reesing). He goes out there and makes plays for them. He throws decent balls too. It’ll be a great test for us, especially against a Big Ten school.”

On defeating Missouri:

“It is always great to beat the Tigers. It’s a great rivalry. We took the victory in stride and it has helped us go into our bowl preparation. It is always great to beat the Tigers and we’re going to use it as a momentum boost going into our next game. (Our attitude) has been great. Guys are working hard. We’ve had a couple weeks off and now we’re getting ready for our bowl preparations. Even though we’re not practicing, we’re not taking time off. We’re still in the weight room trying to stay in shape. We’ll be ready to go for our bowl game.”

Sophomore Wide Receiver Dezmon Briscoe

On the win against Missouri:

“It is always big to get a win against Missouri in the Border Showdown. I believe that we came into that game with more intensity and we came out with the win.”

On entering the bowl game with a win:

“Going into a bowl game with some confidence is always a good thing. We are going to come into the game with a lot of confidence. We are going to approach the game with intensity and hopefully come out with a win.”

On the team’s attitude right now:

“This time of year we are mostly focusing on our school work, but we still have the mindset that we still have a game to win. Even though our mindset is on school work right now, we have a chance to get our eighth win and are focusing on football as well.”

On ending the season on a high note:

“The coaches have really had a lot of confidence in me late in the season and I have responded by making plays when the ball came to me. I am just planning on doing the same in the bowl game.”

Redshirt Freshman Offensive Tackle Jeff Spikes

On his expectations of playing at Kansas:

“There wasn’t too much I was expecting because I didn’t want to expect too much and be disappointed. It’s been a challenge coming in and working hard and having to go through tiring workouts. There are days that it can be harder than you expect. I haven’t been disappointed in anything I have experienced here.”

On his recruitment to Kansas:

“When coach (Ed) Warinner first recruited me, he was recruiting me to go to Illinois. Then I didn’t hear from him for a while. When I was on a visit in Louisiana he gave me a call and said, “I haven’t been able to get in touch with you, but I am taking a coaching job at Kansas and I want to recruit you here.”

On his experience prior to playing at Kansas:

“I came in with no experience and no understanding of the game at all. I felt that if I put it to the test and see what I could do and make the best of opportunities, then I could be good at what I do.”

Senior Wide Receiver Dexton Fields

On how he handles all of his responsibilities, including his new role as a father:

“Fortunately this semester I only had two classes that I needed to take. I only had one class I actually had to come on campus for. Most of the time I’m watching my son when his mom is at school. It’s kind of hard to leave him when I go away for games because I am so used to being with him. It’s all worth it though. I have to take care of business so I can provide for him.”

On when his son was born:

“He was born the week before I came back, on the Thursday before the Iowa State game. That’s the game I came back from injury. Kelsey has been pretty good about taking care of him when I’m not around. I was anticipating his birth because they told me she could go into labor any day, but the one day I decided not to bring my phone out to the practice field she ended up having him. I was there though.”

On possibly missing practice:

“I talked to coach about it. He was understanding about it. He understood the responsibility I had. It’s a once in a life time opportunity.”

Senior Defensive End Russell Brorsen

On the importance of developmental practices:

“They (developmental practices) are really good for the young guys because they spend most of the season on the scout team running an opponent’s offense or defense. They can pick up some bad habits doing that. Now is the time to get them out of those bad habits before they get to spring ball.”

On which young guys have impressed him in recent practices:

“The two (defensive) ends, D.J. Marshall and Tanner Hawkinson have really come on strong in developmental practices. They’ve been playing really well. Duane Zlatnik has also come along really well.”

On the break between the end of the season and the bowl game:

“It gives us a couple of weeks to try to get our bodies back (healthy) from the season. I think it will really help for the bowl game. We are just trying to get healed up as much as we can before we get going again for the last game.”

Junior defensive tackle Caleb Blakesley

On playing through his injuries:

“It’s not quite as scary when you’ve been through it before. It’s more disappointing than anything. But everything has worked out now and the season is coming to a close with a big bowl game. I’ll be ready for it.”

On playing during such an historic time for KU football:

“It’s a great feeling. The thing I love the most about being able to play here is that my family can come watch me. It’s great being a part of all the records and history that has happened since I’ve been here. We’ve had some rough times and then last year was amazing. This year we’ve just battled through with guys getting banged up, but we’re fighting. We’re going to go out and finish the season on top.”