Senior Sara Ramirez on Fall Workouts and the Upcoming 2010 Season

Dec. 11, 2009


Kansas senior Sara Ramirez shares her thoughts on the new coaching staff and what’s in store for the 2010 season and the future of Kansas softball.

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Q: What were fall workouts like?

“We did a lot of things during fall workouts both mentally and physically. Coach (Megan Smith) wanted us to be in the best possible shape. We did workouts I couldn’t even imagine. Staying low all the time, fundamentals, ozzie drills, a lot of fundamentals and hand drills. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. Coach drives that every single day in practice. She makes you work hard. There were times when I just said, ‘This is insane.’ But it made us so much better. You look at our defense from two months ago to now, it is a completely different team. With Molly (McKinnon, strength coach), we did cardio and endurance. We have had some of the hardest workouts we’ve ever had. Our bodies are in the best shape ever. I could take ground balls for days and feel like I’m not working that hard even though I am.”

Q: What does the coaching staff expect from the team?

“Their expectations are incredible. They expect nothing but greatness. Every time we step out on the field we need to be great, we need to be champions. We come to practice like it’s a game. We come to hitting like we are going to be hitting in the seventh inning. It is a lot of mental preparation they have given us. I think their expectations are really leading this team to be a more positive, winning team.”

Q: How has the team reacted to the new coaching staff and new atmosphere?

“With open arms. We are buying into every single thing that they are saying. It is exactly what we wanted. And coach’s expectations for us, the staff’s expectations for us are just incredible. The team has really followed and is really backing her and backing the whole atmosphere. It is all for the long run. Right now yes, we are going to be a great team. But 10 years from now, you are going to see championship banners and I think that is one of the biggest things we have all strived for, the bigger picture.”

Q: How would you describe the 2010 team?

“The 2010 team is determined. We have heart. We have players that will play their heart out and we have players that are all for being champions. Big 12 Champions would be our 2010 team. That is what our goal is and that is what is on everybody’s mind. We are fun. We’re a fun group of girls. We love to joke and have fun but at the same time, we have the instinct of ‘We want to win. We are here to win.'”