Marcus Morris Shines Offensively with a Career Day

Dec. 19, 2009


Even though the No. 1 ranked Kansas Jayhawks didn’t play their best game of the year against Big 10 foe Michigan, sophomore forward Marcus Morris used the Dec. 19 game as an opportunity to get himself on the boards in a big way.

“I just played hard,” Morris simply stated. “They were smaller sized, so I used that as my opportunity to get on the boards a lot.”

Morris ended the day with a career high 23 points and ten rebounds, tallying his fourth career double-double.

Little did everyone know this was all part of Morris’s plan even before the game began.

“I told Sherron Collins there was a mismatch between me and (Michigan’s) Zack Novak and to just give me a second to make the play,” Morris said. “He (Collins) told me I would be open on the single side and in the first half I told him if they doubled me I would get the ball back out to him.”

That plan succeeded with Morris scoring a career-high 23 points. Perhaps one of his most memorable plays of the game was a three pointer which put him over 20 points for the game. Morris was open, looked up for the shot and with elegance the ball swooshed into the net.

“It was a big shot,” Morris said humbly. “I used my shooting confidence and thought I could make it, and I did.”

Morris is definitely not lacking in confidence when he is out on the court and according to head coach Bill Self that all has to do with hard work in the off-season.

“Their bodies (Marcus and Markieff Morris) have changed so much and their confidence has changed so much because of their bodies,” Self said. “Plus they understand (the game) better now, which is just part of the natural maturation process. With them I think it’s more than just being a year older, they have really worked and prepared themselves to become better players. They are a lot more confident now.”

However, Self is making no arguments that Dec. 19 contest was Marcus’ break-out game.

“I think Marcus offensively was very good today,” Self said. “I thought Marcus played good. Both the twins have come along way, but this was obviously Marcus’ day offensively.”

Next up for Morris and the Jayhawks is California on Dec. 22 in Allen Field House. Even though Morris had a career day he is making no qualms about wanting to get some practice in before facing Cal.

“Cal is a great team,” Morris said. “We are going to go over their stuff and we are going to compete at practice. We are not going to take a day off. We are going to go hard and try to get better in practice so we can have a better game against Cal.”