Postgame Quotes

Dec. 19, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 91, SIUE 53

Sunday, December 19, 2010

SIU-Edwardsville Head Coach Amanda Levens

On KU’s play:

“I thought Kansas did a great job. They made some tough shots but they also made us pay every time we had a defensive lapse.”

On KU’s athleticism:

“We knew coming into the game how well they shot the ball and we knew giving them any easy opportunities was really going to hurt us because they are very good athletes and have very good individual players that can score without any help.”

On Monica Engelman’s early three pointers:

“We had some bad close-outs against her. She is a very good offensive player and one-on-one player and she just made us pay. We didn’t really have a bigger guard that could match-up with her size wise.”

On playing a Big 12 Conference opponent:

“We want to play regional rivals and playing a team like Kansas who does play in such a good conference and had a great season so far gives us a feel of what we need to do for where we’re trying to go.”

On playing in Allen Fieldhouse:

“I’ve never been here but it’s a fantastic environment. It was neat for the players to walk through the hall of fame area out there. It was pretty neat for all of them to experience.”

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Opening Statement:

“I thought we got off to a good start; Monica (Engleman) was dialed in on the offensive end. I thought she was very productive. We got Carolyn (Davis) some deep looks early and it was great to get all those kids in. It was great to get Angel (Goodrich) back on the floor and Rish (Marisha Brown); both felt good, both were a little fatigued, a little gassed, understandably so. I thought off the bench, Krysten (Boogaard) gave us a great presence defensively; she didn’t make some shots I thought she normally would, but defensively I thought she was solid. I thought Tania (Jackson) gave us energy on both ends of the floor. I’m really pleased with those two off the bench and really pleased, obviously, to get Angel and Rish back.”

On having guards Angel Goodrich and Keena Mays play together:

“They can (play together), because Keena can play on the wing. It’s hard when you’re a freshman to understand two positions. We thought that if she could grasp playing both; which ironically, the very first offensive we run, she’s in the wrong spot, but we score off of it, she was like ‘oh yeah’, but maybe we should run it that way because Carolyn was still wide open. On a rebound and outlet, whoever is closest to the ball can be the point guard and then the other one can be the wing. They got into that a little bit where Keena was the point guard and Angel on the floor on a miss. Keena has shot the ball really well, she has made plays at both positions, so I think it’s a combination that will work for us. How many minutes we’ll play with it depends on fatigue, production, defensively match-ups a little bit. We get pretty small when we have both of them in there, but they are both good enough that they need to play.”

On how the team is handling having two point guards:

“On a make, Angel is the point guard and Keena would be the wing on the sets we run. On a miss, Keena would be the wing if Angel is closest to the ball. On a rebound-outlet, Angel would be the point guard there, but it could be Keena, which happened a couple of times and Angel just took off, let go. In the past, we haven’t had someone else capable of handling the ball. The reason they can play together is that they can both score. Oftentimes, you can’t play two point guards together because one of them can’t score. You can’t put them out on the wing because no one will be out near them. You’ve still got to stay in front of them a little bit. The fact that they both can score allows us to play them together.

On the health condition of Goodrich and Brown:

“She felt good, the knee felt good. She just got a little gassed. You could tell she was huffing and puffing a little bit. Rish felt good, her foot felt good. She thinks she feels slow, but her slow is still pretty quick. I noticed it more on the defensive end than I did on the offensive end. We didn’t have her guard #22 (Jazmin Hill) right away, but I wanted to let her try it eventually and we did. We switched the match-up once she kind of got her legs underneath her and her lungs going. It’ll be good for her to look at it on film. She said ‘I don’t feel like I’m moving like I used to’. She’ll get that back. That’s as much as she’s gone up and down and as much as she’s played in practice. She ran a sprint the other day and got in some half court defensive reps, but we had a clock on her. We knew how many minutes we could get out of her. It (her playing time) really depended on how she felt at halftime and she felt great. She said ‘I feel good, I just feel slow’.”

Sophomore Guard Monica Engelman

On scoring nine of the team’s first 14 points:

“I was just being aggressive. We had a pretty good warm up. I just came out with the right mindset.”

On the team getting easy shots:

“We did really well in transition with finding the right people. The bigs did a good job of sucking people up and the right people took shots.”

On having Angel Goodrich and Marisha Brown back in the lineup:

“When they came back in practice I was pretty pumped and even in warm up I was getting hyped up for them warming up with us. It seems like it’s been forever since they warmed up with us. Them playing in the game and seeing Angel (Goodrich) doing here thing and Marisha (Brown) giving a taste of what she can do, it was exciting.”

Sophomore Guard Angel Goodrich

On how her knee feels following her first game back:

“After practice and everything it still gets sore and I think it will get sore for a while. Getting out there, it felt good though.”

On what she and Marisha Brown can add to the team now that they are healthy:

“We can add a lot. Marisha (Brown) is great on defense. She’s one of our fastest players. She was a little slow today and you could see she was getting a little frustrated, but that’s how she is. She wants to be really quick. I know her foot was hurting her and my knee was hurting too, but it was so nice to be out there with the energy and just being on the court. When we were sitting on the bench we just really wanted to be out there. We would talk about it every single game.”

On freshmen Keena Mays, Diara Moore and CeCe Harper playing more in her and Marisha Brown’s absence:

“With us being out, it allowed the freshmen to play more and more and given them more confidence. That has helped us out a lot. It helps us get more prepared for the Big 12.”

Freshman Guard Diara Moore

On how having Angel Goodrich and Marisha Brown back improves the team:

“It makes us a lot better. Early in the season I looked up to them defensively. I took tips from them, so when they went down it helped a lot. I took what they told me and tried to apply it to my own game. Now that they are back it’s even better for us because we can learn even more.”

On being asked to play a bigger role on the team because of injuries:

“I was pretty surprised. I just wanted to step in and pick up what we had lost. Now that they are back it’s even better.”

Freshman Guard Keena Mays

On having Angel Goodrich back in the lineup:

“It’s great having her back and having two point guards on the floor. Not a lot of teams can say that. I know that getting the ball into the post is easier with more than one point guard on the floor.”

On what she has learned from fellow point guard Angel Goodrich:

“Just being patient. She’s always trying to help me out and let me know if I need to slow down and be patient to make the right pass.”