(202) Policy Formulation and Implementation

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Updated 9/08Kansas Athletics policy and program formulation is the responsibility of the Chancellor of the University. As such, he is accountable to the Board of Regents for recommending and implementing athletic policy. In exercising this responsibility, the Chancellor is counseled and advised by the Board of Directors of Kansas Athletics and the Director of Athletics. When formulating policies the Chancellor takes into account the legitimate concerns of faculty, students, alumni and friends of the University. Upon review and approval by the Director of Athletics, policies will be forwarded to the Chancellor for approval. Following approval by the Chancellor, policies will be provided to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas Board of Regents for review and action as deemed appropriate.The Chancellor provides overall direction to Kansas Athletics and alumni groups interested in assisting the University in the successful accomplishment of its athletics program goals. This guidance includes specification of the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Athletics, and requires the Director to do likewise for all intercollegiate athletic coaches and other staff members. The Director of Athletics is appointed by the Chancellor and is granted powers and duties of management and has authority and responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Kansas Athletics including employment and termination of personnel, and in undertaking these duties shall observe the policies, goals, and objectives established by the Board of Directors.Policies necessary to the successful operation of Kansas Athletics are recommended as follows:• Policies affecting the operation and administration of the Kansas Athletics are recommended by the Board of Directors, the Director of Athletics and administrative staff members. The Director of Athletics and the Chancellor then approve them.

• Policies affecting the overall athletics program (which include but are not limited to NCAA requirements, schedule planning and development, postseason competitions, recruiting programs, fundraising, community relations, etc) are reviewed by the Board of Directors.

• Policies related to the academic standards of the athletics program, such as academic eligibility, satisfactory progress toward a degree, student support services, admission standards and class attendance, are recommended and/or reviewed by the Board of Directors as deemed appropriate.


With regard to policy implementation, student-athletes and Kansas Athletics staff are subject to the rules and regulations found in the following publications:

o The NCAA Manual;

o The Big Twelve Policy Manual;

o The University of Kansas General Catalog;

o The University of Kansas Student Handbook;

o The Kansas Athletics Policies and Procedures Manual; and the

o The Kansas Athletics Student-Athlete Handbook.

Other policies are contained in various manuals, statements, memoranda and letters issued by governing authorities or the Director of Athletics. Student-athletes and staff alike are expected to keep abreast of changes in policies or procedures, and to meet or exceed Kansas Athletics program standards.