(405) Printing

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Updated 1/08


Kansas Athletics is committed to following all University and NCAA rules related to printing. As the quality of printed materials distributed by Kansas Athletics affects its public image, every effort must be made to ensure that the highest quality of printing is obtained within budgetary constraints. Printing services are obtained in accordance with purchasing procedures. (See Policy 403, Purchasing Procedures, in this Manual for more information.)

Printing requests are coordinated through the Media Relations Office and must stipulate printing specifications and deadline dates. Does this printing extend to general office printing of letterhead, envelopes or mailers? I’d like to have a discussion about that. All materials intended for public use are to be reviewed prior to printing by the Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs. The Associate Athletic Director/External Affairs and the individual requesting printing are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable NCAA rules.

Please note: Kansas Athletics has a corporate partnership with Pittcraft, where Pittcraft will be included in any bid. Does the corporate partnership with Pittcraft continue and are there any new or different conditions? Where does Mainline fall in this area? For more details please see Director of Business Operations, or Assistant Athletics Director/Marketing.

A departmental publications/printing budget is annually developed to support various needs. This budget is supervised by the Associate Director of Athletics/External Affairs in conjunction with the Director of Athletics.


Kansas Athletics maintains several photocopiers. Each machine is under a maintenance service agreement which covers parts and labor. The Director of Business Operations serves as the contact person within Kansas Athletics when major problems occur with a copier. Kansas Athletics staff are expected to follow the printed instructions on the machine to remedy minor problems.

These photocopiers are only to be used for official Kansas Athletics business. Student-athletes are not allowed to use Kansas Athletics office equipment for personal or academic needs.