(410) Business Contracts

Updated 7/13


Kansas Athletics honors all provisions agreed to in contracts entered into by those authorized under this policy to contract on behalf of Kansas Athletics. In general, a business contract is required for the following:
o        Intercollegiate athletic events;
o        Concessions and novelties operations;
o        Facilities use;
o        Radio and television broadcast rights;
o        Corporate sponsorships and advertising;
o        Licensing/indicia protection;
o        Hosting special events (i.e.  NCAA and Big 12 championships); and
o        Purchases (purchase orders).

For each of the above types of business contracts, a listing of the contracting authority(ies) authorized to enter into such contracts is included at the end of this policy.  However, the Kansas Athletics Corporate Counsel must review every contract before it is signed in order to determine whether the proposed contract/agreement meets University and Kansas Athletics rules or policies and to determine the specific contracting authority.  The Corporate Counsel will initial all contracts noting approval.  In addition, before any agreement committing over $50,000.00 is signed, the Deputy Athletics Director must initial the agreement indicating that the proposed contract/agreement is within the department’s budget resources.

Intercollegiate Athletic Events
A contractual document is required for all intercollegiate sports competitions.  The Sport Supervisor, in consultation with the respective Head Coach, is authorized to execute athletically related contractual agreements on behalf of Kansas Athletics.

A standardized athletic contest agreement form is used in effecting contractual commitments for competitive events with other educational institutions when Kansas is the host institution. These agreements are initiated, upon receipt of an approved events schedule from each sport, by the appropriate Sport Supervisor.

Prior legal review of contracts for competitive events is required whenever special conditions, beyond the standard event contract, are included.

Student-Athlete International Team Travel
The Kansas Athletics Compliance Office must review and approve all international student-athlete team travel. Sport supervisors must approve and the Director of Business Operations must arrange for insurance for the international travel.

Facilities Use
Outside groups may be permitted to use Kansas Athletics facilities if the usage is viewed by Kansas Athletics to be beneficial to the athletics department, university, or community and the usage does not negatively impact the use of these facilities for intercollegiate competition. Examples of events that are considered beneficial are events that would allow prospective students use of the facilities for special organized events/tournaments, such as the Sunflower State Games or Kansas State High School Activities Association state or regional championship events; special university events; or university intramural championship events.  The Athletics Compliance Department must review and approve use of a facility for any athletically related event involving youth groups.
Kansas Athletics may refuse use of its facilities, if:
1.       Scheduling conflicts occur (facilities are not available at the time requested);

2.       The meetings or events sponsored solely by a non-University organization are strictly for political or religious purposes;

3.       The nature of the activity is assessed to potentially cause serious disruption;

4.       The purpose of the activity is prohibited by either federal, state or local statute, or University or NCAA regulations; or

5.       An event is assessed to potentially produce damage to the facility or endanger attendees.

6.       An event is predicted to cause a hardship of resources, financial or otherwise, to Kansas Athletics or to the University.

Requests for the use of facilities by non-Kansas Athletics organizations are directed to the Assistant Athletics Director/Events.  Requests by coaches for non-camp (or team) related events must be made to both the Assistant AD/Events as well as the Sport Supervisor.

The Sport Supervisor will be consulted about events using the same facilities as his/her sport and should provide input.   All head coaches will be consulted about events using the same facilities as their sport and coaches should provide input on the benefits, or lack thereof, of the outside event.  Head coaches, however, will not make the final decision on outside groups’ use of the facility. If any disagreement exists between the Athletics Director and the head coach about usage, the Athletics Director will make the final decision.

Outside groups using the facilities will be charged a facility rental fee (the amount set under the current Kansas Athletics Facility Usage Rates) and an amount to cover any expenses required for the event (e.g., insurance, maintenance, staffing).

Outside groups are required to use the Kansas Athletics concessionaire provider at their events. All event operations must be approved by the Assistant Athletics Director/Events.

The Assistant Athletics Director/Events negotiates the rental rate and details of the contract.  All health, fire and other regulations must be observed by any group using Kansas Athletics’ facilities.  All groups must sign a Facility Use Agreement which outlines the terms for the use of the facility and includes a provision that the group must provide a certificate of insurance.

The Director of Business Operations and the Assistant Athletics Director/Events process billings related to facilities use.  If an event is canceled, the sponsoring group may be responsible for set-up charges incurred by Kansas Athletics prior to cancellation.  (See Policy 604A, Facilities: Use)

Radio and Television Broadcast Rights

Kansas Athletics carefully monitors the total radio and television exposure of the intercollegiate athletics program to insure appropriate coverage and representation of Kansas Athletics sports programs.

  • Television Contracts

The University of Kansas, as a member of the Big 12 Conference, is a partner in several conference-wide television contracts with CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN and ESPN Regional.

  • Radio Contracts

Commercial radio rights for broadcast of all KU athletic events are currently held by IMG College (IMG).

  • Coaches’ Shows

IMG makes every effort to create television and/or radio show opportunities for coaches.  Coaches are compensated for these shows as negotiated in their contracts with Kansas Athletics.

Additional information on television and radio programming can be found in Policy 706E, Media Coverage: Television and Radio Programs.

Corporate Sponsorships
Kansas Athletics has an agreement with IMG in which Kansas Athletics grants IMG the exclusive right to market athletic programs of Kansas Athletics, including all sponsorship and broadcasting rights, in exchange for an annual guaranteed dollar amount.

Before contacting any corporate entity about any type of relationship with a sport or any activities associated with that sport (including camp), approval is first required from the  Associate Director of Athletics/Public Affairs.

Licensing/Indicia Protection

Kansas Athletics has oversight of licensing operations and indicia protection for the University.  The Trademark Licensing Director reports to the Associate Athletic Director/Public Affairs and they work with corporate sponsors and officially licensed manufacturers to insure that all indicia used in sponsorships and on promotional items are accurate and protect the image and good will of the University.   All licensing and sponsorship agreements must reference the obligation to comply with NCAA bylaws and rules restricting the use of a student-athlete’s name or likeness.

NCAA Event Host Agreements

The Assistant Athletics Director/Events is responsible for developing proposals for hosting NCAA events, as directed by the Director of Athletics.  The Director of Athletics provides the cover letter for the completed application.  When the University is selected to serve as host, a designated Tournament Manager is responsible for overseeing the financial requirements of the agreement.


In addition to formally written agreements with vendors, a properly executed Purchase Order constitutes a contract which is binding on both Kansas Athletics and the supplier.  It is the practice of the Athletics’ Business Office to only execute documents within Kansas Athletics guidelines and to consult with the Kansas Athletics Corporate Counsel when necessary.

The proper administration of all such contracts is the responsibility of the Director of Business Operations.  See Policy 404, Purchasing Procedures in this Manual for a detailed description of all related procedures.

Contracts may be written in the form of Purchase Orders, Purchase Agreements, Standing Orders, State Contracts, Service Agreements, Construction Contracts, Lease Agreements, Lease-Purchase Agreements, or other approved documents.  University contracts, maintenance agreements or other types of annual contracts are negotiated for an entire fiscal year, or longer, and permit Kansas Athletics to lease material or request services on a direct basis with the vendor.  These contracts have been devised to meet regularly occurring needs within a commodity category.  Specific written instructions related to these annual contracts are circulated by the Business Office.

Contracting Authority at Kansas Athletics

The Director of Athletics has authority to delegate certain contracting authorities to staff.  Only those designated below, or his/her direct supervisor, are permitted to bind Kansas Athletics to a contract.  Anyone else who enters into a contract that purports to bind Kansas Athletics or its subunits is acting without authority and could be held personally liable for the contract.   Others allowed to sign contracts other than the Director of Athletics include:

Contract Type                         Position Allowed to sign

Travel                                      Senior Associate AD/SWA; Chief Financial Officer;
Director of Business Operations
Personnel (non-coaching)        Deputy AD; Director of Human Resources
Coaching Contracts                Athletics Director only
Football Suites                        Deputy AD; Associate AD/WEF
Marketing/Advertising            Associate AD/Creative Services; Director of Operations
Facilities                                  Deputy AD; Associate AD/Operations
Capital Improvements             Athletics Director only
Purchase Orders                      Deputy AD; Senior Associate AD; Chief Financial Officer;                                                                  Director of Business Operations
Medical                                   Head Team Physician; Senior Associate AD/SWA
Game Contracts                      Sport Supervisors
Wheel Club                             Assistant AD/Traditions; Director of Business Operations
Development                           Deputy AD; Athletics Director
Major Gifts                             Athletics Director; Kansas Athletics Board of Directors
Technology                             Associate AD/Operations; Director of Business Operations
(software, hardware, printers, etc.)
Benefits, Human Resources    Director of Human Resources

Corporate Counsel must initial all contracts before final signing.  Deputy Athletics Director must initial all contracts when Kansas Athletics is entering into an agreement to spend over $50,000.00.