(411B) Technology Distribution and Purchasing

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Technology Distribution & Purchasing Policies

Distribution Policy

Desktops/laptops issued for Kansas Athletics staff use are the property of Athletics. Athletics reserves the right to inspect or request the return of the equipment at any time. Staff members separating from Athletics will not be allowed continued use of the Athletics-issued desktop/laptop after their termination date.

A.      Full-Time / Part-time Staff Members

Desktop/laptops will be provided to all KAI full-time staff members on the first day of employment, provided Athletics IT is notified of the staff member’s arrival two-weeks prior to the anticipated start date.  Athletics IT must be informed of exiting Full-Time staff from Human Resources to be able to disable any access to Athletics equipment and resources.

B.      Temporary Staff Members / Interns

Temporary Staff Members / Interns will be assigned a desktop/laptop. Temporary Staff Members / Interns will be given an Athletics computer login and access to the appropriate department’s file share, if approved by their senior athletics administrator. Athletics IT must be informed of exiting interns from Human Resources to be able to disable any access to KAI equipment and resources.

C.      Contractors

Contractors working for Athletics will not be assigned a desktop/laptop. Contractors will need to purchase their own computing equipment unless otherwise stated in the contractual agreement. Contractors working on their own personal equipment are not permitted to access the Athletics network.  Upon request, contractors will be provided access the internet through a guest portal and login.  If access to Athletics network is needed, the contractor will be required to use an Athletics computer and login.

Checkout laptops

Checkout laptops are available to full-time Athletics staff members who have desktop computers, occasionally travel and are required to use a computer while away from the office. If quantities exist, checkout laptops may be available to interns or temporary staff members.

Available equipment

Please inquire with IT two weeks before any employee is expected to begin duties to make sure equipment (computer, cell phone, software licenses) is available.

Stolen, damaged, lost equipment/accessories

All stolen, damaged, or lost devices should be reported immediately to IT.

Replacement devices

Lost, stolen, or damaged equipment can take up to 5 business days to be replaced. Checkout laptops can be issued in the interim if available.

Purchasing Policy

The following chart shows what items may or may not need IT approval before purchasing.  The following also shows if the item is an IT related purchase or a departmental purchase.

Item IT Approval IT Purchase Non-IT Purchase
All Software X X
Cable TV Connections X X
Cell phone accessories X
Cell phones X X
Computer Monitors X X
Data Connections X X
Desk Phones X X
Desktop Computers X X
Digital Cameras X X
Digital Phones Connections X X
Direct TV X X
DVD Players X
External Hard Drives X X
Fax Connections X X
Fax Machines X X
Flash/USB Drives X
Keyboards/Mice X
Laptop Cases X
Laptops/Netbooks X X
Printer Maintenance Kits X X
Printer Toner/ Ink X X
Printers X X
Scanners X X
Servers X X
Speakers X
TV Mounts X
TV’s X
Video Cameras X X
Wireless Access Points X X
Wireless Data Cards X X