(502D) Student-Athletes: Walk-On Student-Athletes

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Updated 10/11


In certain situations, students have been recruited for a team but are not offered an athletics grant-in-aid. Other students may be accepted on a team through a try-out procedure. Students who are on a team, but do not receive athletically related financial aid, are considered “walk-ons.”

Walk-on student athletes are expected to follow all policies and guidelines expected of all University of Kansas student-athletes. In addition, walk-ons must have health insurance to cover any athletically related injuries.

The process for determining initial eligibility is the same for all student-athletes. Non-scholarship student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics must abide by the same NCAA, Conference and institutional rules and regulations as scholarship student-athletes, except for specific restrictions incurred when accepting a grant-in-aid. All paperwork required by Compliance must be completed and approved before acceptance on a team.

Try-Out Procedures

Kansas Athletics recognizes the right of individuals who have not been recruited to try out for an intercollegiate sports team at the University of Kansas. The Head Coach of each sport has sole authority for establishing tryout guidelines and determining the success or failure of a tryout. However, in order to try out for a University sports team, a non-recruited individual must either be accepted for admission or be currently enrolled as a full-time student at the University. The Compliance Office works closely with the Head Coaches of all sports to ensure that applicable compliance records are maintained on all non-recruited student-athletes trying out for intercollegiate sports teams.

Prior to receiving athletic equipment and participating in tryouts, a non-recruited student-athlete must complete the following steps:

  1. Be approved by the Head Coach to try out;
  2. Complete all necessary paperwork with the Compliance Office to determine eligibility;
  3. Complete and pass a physical examination;
  4. Must show proof of current Health Insurance; and
  5. Complete equipment acquisition procedures.

Benefits Extended to Walk-On Student-Athletes

Excluding grant-in-aid awards, Kansas Athletics extends to all non-recruited student-athletes the same benefits as scholarship student-athletes. These benefits may include:

  • Student-Athlete Support Services (e.g. tutoring, academic counseling, etc.);
  • Training Room treatment for any athletically related injury;
  • Strength and conditioning facility use;
  • Team travel and equipment use;
  • Ability to apply for Student Assistance Funds; and
  • Athletic awards

Additionally, walk-ons may eventually be offered athletically related financial aid according to the provisions described in Policy 502C.