(506C) Student-Athletes: Outside Services & Referrals

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Updated 7/07


All student-athletes are subject to the following policy regarding any medical care beyond that provided by the certified athletic trainers, physical therapists or team physicians that are members of the Kansas Athletics sports medicine team.

If a student-athlete desires a referral for outside medical services, he/she must first consult with the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine, who will determine if the illness or injury can be treated in the sports medicine clinic or if it requires referral to another facility, physician or service. If the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine refers an injured student-athlete to a health care provider, hospital or clinic other than those available at Kansas Athletics, referral must be expressly authorized in writing by the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine prior to care or services being rendered. If immediate treatment is required and is ordinarily available at a University facility or the Sports Medicine Center (the “training room”) but the facilities are closed, the athlete shall first notify a full-time member of the training room staff prior to seeking medical attention of any sort.

In emergency or other unusual circumstances not permitting written permission in advance, the Team Physician, Director of Sports Medicine or the team Athletic Trainer must be notified by the student-athlete as soon as reasonably possible, and the Team Physician retains all discretion, subject to applicable NCAA rules, state law and University policy as to whether treatment rendered may be covered under this policy. In no event should a student athlete with an emergency medical condition delay or defer treatment; instead treatment should be sought and the Team Physician, Director of Sports Medicine or Team Trainer notified as soon as reasonably possible.

When the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine determines that a student-athlete should be referred to a specialist, the Sports Medicine staff will make the necessary arrangements for appointments and transportation, if necessary.

Should a student-athlete take it upon himself or herself to see another physician or to obtain a second opinion without a recommendation from the Team Physician, the student-athlete is financially responsible for any fees incurred. In addition, the student-athlete will be asked to sign a waiver stating that Kansas Athletics is not responsible for the treatment, its expenses, or the outcome of the treatment.

If a student-athlete would like a referral for a second opinion, the student-athlete must first obtain a Physician Referral Form from the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine prior to the visit. This form must be updated by the “second opinion” physician and returned to the Sports Medicine staff.

A coach may not refer a student-athlete to an Outside Specialist. If a coach wishes to have an athlete see an Outside Specialist, the coach should discuss the matter with the Team Physician and/or Athletic Trainer. Should the physician or trainer concur with the coach’s assessment, the Athletic Trainer or physician will arrange for the proper authorization and set up a specific appointment time for the student-athlete. If a student-athlete cannot provide his/her own transportation, the Sports Medicine staff will make the necessary arrangements, within Conference and NCAA guidelines.

A consultation between the student-athlete’s parents and the attending physician will be arranged upon the student-athlete’s request for those student-athletes over the age of eighteen (18) or at the parent’s request should the student-athlete be under the age of eighteen (18). All final decisions regarding medical approval for participation in athletics, including the resumption of practices or participation in athletic contests, however, rest with the Team Physician, even if an outside health care provider recommends clearance or restrictions. Decisions on participation in athletics are separate and distinct from decisions on medical treatment, and remain the authority of the Team Physician.

Additional advance written authorization from the Team Physician must be obtained if medical care is to extend beyond the earliest of (1) the close of the season in which an injury or illness occurred, (2) the end of the spring of the academic year in which the injury or illness occurred, or (3) graduation or termination of student status with the University.

The Team Physician authorization must estimate the probable treatment duration. Kansas Athletics will not be financially responsible for expenses arising beyond the Team Physician’s estimate, unless the Team Physician renders a revised estimate in writing. In no event, however, shall Kansas Athletics responsibility for treatment or expenses for athletically related injuries or illness covered by this Policy extend beyond one year from completion of athletic participation at the University or beyond the student coverage time limits contained in the University’s athletic insurance policy in effect at the time of the injury (104 weeks after the onset of injury), whichever is longer.

Sports Performance Massage

If a student-athlete of a Kansas Athletics-sponsored varsity team would like a referral for a “performance massage,” the student-athlete or his/her team must obtain prior approval from the Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine. Prior to the initial visit for each student-athlete, a Kansas Athletics referral form must be filled out and a copy given to the Massage Therapist. A Coach cannot refer a student-athlete to a Message Therapist. The Certified Athletic Trainer overseeing that sport will arrange all appointments for Sports Performance Massages.

Payment for massage services will be processed by the Sports Medicine Department and will be billed directly to the student-athlete’s sport. Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine will not pay for any Massage Therapy without an established medical necessity and a written prescription from a Kansas Athletics Team Physician or the Director of Sports Medicine. In addition, Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine will not provide transportation for student-athletes for appointments for “Sports Performance Massage.”

Massage Therapists must meet the following criteria to be approved by Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine for “Sports Performance Massage”:

  1. Licensed or Certified with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts or Certified with the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (copy of current license or certification must be filed with the Director of Sports Medicine).
  2. Current Resume and reference list filed with Director of Sports Medicine.
  3. In good standing with Kansas Athletics Sports Medicine department.
  4. Display professional conduct at all times.
  5. Sign a Confidentiality statement and observe all aspects of the Kansas Athletics privacy policy and HIPPA regulations.
  6. Agree to limit services to massage and to not attempt treatment for any injuries.
  7. Agree to immediately report any possible injures discovered during the massage to the Director of Sports Medicine or his/her designee.
  8. Create an itemized bill for services and submit the service record and bill to Kansas Athletics in a timely manner.
  9. If massage is performed on Kansas Athletics property or at a practice or event in which University of Kansas athletes participate, the Massage Therapist will be required to sign an agreement/waiver concerning liability.
  10. Provide proof of professional liability insurance in the amount of two million for each occurrence and six million for the aggregate.

Travel to Medical Appointments Kansas Athletics will reimburse student athletes for travel to medical appointments that were arranged through the Sports Medicine Department with a documented referral from a Kansas Athletics Team Physician.

Whenever possible make arrangements for a staff/assistant/or athletic trainer to transport the student-athlete to the appointment. If it is not possible to accompany the student-athlete, keep in mind the following guidelines for reimbursement:

  • No reimbursement for local (Lawrence) travel
  • If student-athlete drives and pays tolls and parking, then he/she should submit receipts for reimbursement
  • No staff should be submitting any receipts in his/her name on behalf of the student and then passing the funds to the student

Any travel beyond Kansas City needs further approval by Head Team Physician and the Senior Associate Athletics Director