(506D) Student-Athletes: Swimming Proficiency

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Updated 07/05

This policy pertains to all students trying out for rowing.


A student athlete trying out for the rowing team must show proof of successfully completing the following swimming proficiency test:

1. A KUAC approved lifeguard must supervise the swimming proficiency test. The swimming proficiency test must be completed in a pool on the University of Kansas, Lawrence Campus. A member of the KUAC sports medicine staff will be in attendance to assist with the testing, and to verify the identity of the student athlete. Testing times will be arranged by the athletic trainer responsible for rowing.

2. The swimming proficiency test consists of the following:

a. The participant must swim 100 yards non-stop; and

b. The participant must tread water non-stop for 10 minutes.

3. Upon completion of the test to the satisfaction of the lifeguard supervising the test, the lifeguard completes a KUAC swimming proficiency form and gives it to the athletic trainer, who places it in the participant’s medical folder.

4. The sports medicine administrative specialist emails the head rowing coach and the compliance officer the names of the women who pass the swimming proficiency test.

5. This policy applies to all students that are trying out for the rowing team.

6. The testing needs to be done only once in the student athlete’s career.