(600A) Kansas Athletics Staff: Reporting Rules Violations

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Updated 4/09



Coaches and Kansas Athletics staff members are to uphold the principle of institutional control of, and responsibility for, all intercollegiate sports in conformity with applicable rules and regulations. Violations of University, Big 12 Conference, or NCAA rules and regulations can result in sanctions against individuals, as well as against the University. Therefore, every effort must be made to ensure adherence by the staff and student-athletes to all rules and regulations.

When faced with a question of concern regarding NCAA rules and regulations, contact the Compliance Office immediately: 864-4200. The Compliance Office is there to assist with your questions or concerns.

Investigations of Violations

The goal of Kansas Athletics in responding to all alleged or potential violations of Conference or NCAA regulations will be to encourage communication, to seek consistency and accountability and, above all, to send a strong message that the University and Kansas Athletics are committed to rules compliance in the operation of its programs of intercollegiate athletics.

  • It is the duty of every institutional staff member or student to immediately report to the Athletics Director, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, or Faculty Athletic Representative any alleged or suspected violations of NCAA or Big 12 Conference rules.
  • Kansas Athletics staff members, employees, and students are required to report the alleged violation to one of the individuals listed above (Athletics Director, Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, or Faculty Athletic Representative). It is not sufficient that they report an alleged violation to their supervisor, or in the case of assistant coaches, to their head coach.
  • An individual may report an alleged, rumored, or suspected violation, verbally or in writing. He/she may report an alleged violation anonymously.
  • Staff members having knowledge of any alleged violations of applicable governing rules or regulations are to cooperate with the proper authorities by furnishing factual information and assistance, as requested.
  • During official hearings or inquiries, Kansas Athletics, the University, and the NCAA strive to protect the individual rights of an accused party. If investigative findings result in proposed disciplinary actions, the accused party has the right to appeal through the appropriate procedure as outlined in this Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Staff members or employees found in violation of Conference or NCAA rules shall be subject to disciplinary action as designated by the NCAA Infractions Committee, the University, and/or Kansas Athletics. The University and Kansas Athletics reserve the right to suspend or terminate the employment of involved individuals.
  • In responding to reported rules violations involving a Kansas Athletics staff member or student-athlete, Kansas Athletics will look at such factors as whether the violation was intentional, whether any advantage was gained (e.g., recruiting, competitive or for the student-athlete involved), whether a student-athlete’s eligibility was affected, and whether violations are recurring.
  • All suspected or alleged violations of NCAA or Conference rules shall be investigated. The Associate Athletics Director for Compliance will report suspected or alleged violations to the Athletics Director. The Athletics Director will determine the method and reporting of all violations. The Athletics Director may direct outside counsel or the Associate Athletics Director for Compliance with the responsibility of investigating and reporting alleged violations to the NCAA Director of Enforcement for Secondary Violations.

Reports of Violations

The written report to the NCAA or Conference shall include the following information:

  • The date and location of the violation;
  • A description of the violation including the bylaw/rule citation;
  • The identity of the coach, prospective student-athlete and/or enrolled student-athlete, and other individuals involved in the violation;
  • The reason the violation occurred;
  • The means by which the institution became aware of the violation;
  • A list of corrective and disciplinary actions taken by the institution and conference (if any);
  • The institution’s position regarding the information;
  • A statement indicating whether any eligibility issues need to be resolved and, if so, whether the institution is requesting restoration of eligibility for any prospective or enrolled student-athletes; and
  • Any other information that should be considered in reviewing the case. The final self-report including suggested corrective and/or punitive actions should be reported by the Athletics Director/Designee to the following personnel:
  • NCAA Director of Enforcement
  • NCAA Director of Student-Athlete Reinstatement/Eligibility
  • KU Chancellor ,,X KU Senior Associate Athletics Director
  • KU Associate Athletics Director, Compliance
  • KU Senior Woman Administrator
  • KU Assistant Athletics Director/Director of Compliance
  • KU Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Big 12 Conference Commissioner
  • Big 12 Conference Assistant Commissioner for Governance and Compliance

The Kansas Athletics Policy and Procedure for Reporting Violations shall be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor of the University of Kansas.