Compliance - Missed Class Time Policy

Academic Expectations

Missed Classes for Team Travel
It is the responsibility of each student-athlete to inform his/her professors at the beginning of each semester of the class dates to be missed due to team travel. Arrangements for taking any examinations or completing work assignments affected by team travel or competition are the responsibility of each student-athlete. Should a problem with missed classes due to team travel arise, the student-athlete’s Academic Counselor should be contacted to assist in resolving the situation.

University of Kansas professors are under no obligation to offer a make-up exam or to reschedule an exam. However, most professors are willing to assist student-athletes with making-up or rescheduling the exam, provided they are given sufficient notice. Therefore, when a student-athlete learns that an exam is scheduled during the time he/she will be participating in the intercollegiate athletics program, the student-athlete is responsible for notifying the instructor and making arrangements to make up the exam.

Exam Proctoring
With the professor’s approval, Student-Athlete Support Services staff members are available to serve as exam proctors while a team is traveling. Or, with the professor’s approval, Student-Athlete Support Services staff members may coordinate with appropriate faculty or staff members at the host site to serve as exam proctors. Requests for the scheduling and coordination of “on the road” exams must be submitted as early in the semester as possible.