Policies and Procedures - 705E Athletic Events: Postseason Competition

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Updated 7/05


Kansas Athletics encourages the appearance of its teams in postseason competition. However, every effort must be made to avoid scheduling postseason events in competition with University-scheduled examination periods.

Invitations to compete in postseason competitions must be approved by the Director of Athletics and relevant Kansas Athletics administrators. As appropriate, postseason competition invitations are presented to the University Chancellor for final approval. Once approved, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics or the Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations, and other appropriate personnel, is responsible for the coordination of all aspects of postseason event operations. The Director of Athletics retains the right to approve the Official Travel Party list.


When competition is approved, the following steps are taken:

  1. The Head Coach submits a list of participating student-athletes to the Compliance Coordinator, who initiates the certification of eligibility and ensures that the paperwork needed to comply with NCAA rules and regulations is completed. (See Policy 502C Student-Athletes: Eligibility in this Manual for additional information.)
  2. The Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator informs Student Support Services of the upcoming competition requirements. Student Support Services staff requests faculty cooperation in the rescheduling of any exams and/or required assignments. However, it is the faculty member’s prerogative whether to comply or disregard the request for cooperation.
  3. The Academic Advisor and the Head Coach discuss academic commitments and the need for any rescheduling of classes or practices with the student-athletes.
  4. The Head Coach instructs players that participation in tournament or postseason competition is an honor which requires additional effort both athletically and academically.
  5. Arrangements for accommodations, transportation, etc., related to postseason competition are coordinated by the Head Coach and the Travel Coordinator in all sports. The Director of Business Operations assists with budgetary concerns, as well as oversees travel advances and the disbursements of travel funds. (See Policies 405C, Disbursements: Travel Expenses and 701B, Travel: Teams, in this Manual for additional information.)
  6. Student Services assigns a Test Proctor to administer exams at the competition site, when necessary and as directed by the faculty.

Kansas Athletics Staff Responsibilities

The Senior Associate Director of Athletics, the Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Associate Director of Athletics/Internal Affairs and the Director of Business Operations oversee all internal operations related to preparations for off-campus postseason competition. They are assisted by the following individuals as specified below:

  1. The Media Relations Office coordinates requests for student-athlete or coach interviews, and oversees Kansas Athletics media and press requirements for the event.
  2. The Ticket Office oversees additional ticket activities and sales operations related to the event.
  3. The Athletic Development and Athletic Marketing Offices assist with entertainment, promotional activities and the identification of fund raising opportunities, as appropriate.
  4. The Compliance Office is responsible for all NCAA and Conference compliance issues as they relate to postseason competition.

Student-Athlete Affidavit

In men’s and women’s basketball, an Agent Affidavit Form must be completed by all student-athletes participating in post-season competition. The Affidavit, sent to each participating student-athlete by the NCAA Postseason Championships Committee, certifies that the student-athlete has not entered into an agreement to be represented by an agent. A copy of the form must be delivered to each student-athlete to be certified as eligible for post-season competition. The student-athlete must complete the form and swear to its validity before a notary public.

Kansas Athletics keeps all original affidavits on file in the Compliance Office. Affidavits are available for examination upon request by an authorized representative of the NCAA.

Hosting NCAA Postseason Competitions

The Office of Facilities and Event Management, in conjunction with the Director of Athletics and Sports Supervisor, is responsible for completing the required application paperwork in order to host NCAA and Conference Championship events.

If selected to serve as host, the Director of Athletics appoints the Assistant Director of Athletics/Facilities and Event Operations as the Tournament Manager. The Tournament Manager is responsible for ensuring that all requirements listed in the facility/site specifications are met. Additionally, the competition must be conducted and administered in accordance with the policies of the Conference and/or NCAA, as applicable.