Policies and Procedures - 902 Fundraising

Updated 10/12


Kansas Athletics solicits financial support for its intercollegiate athletics program in accordance with University, Conference and NCAA rules and regulations. Annual fundraising efforts are managed by the Williams Education Fund staff with assistance from KU Endowment (KUEA). Additionally, Kansas Athletics staff and coaches are expected to be integrally involved in cultivating financial support through the support of alumni and friends.

All fundraising activities including, but not limited to, letters, events, sales and booster- related efforts must be coordinated by the Associate Athletics Director/Development with guidance from the Director of Athletics.

Williams Education Fund

The Williams Education Fund (WEF) serves as the umbrella organization for Kansas Athletics’ various fundraising organizations. The Associate Athletics Director/Development and Associate Athletics Director/WEF are responsible for coordinating the operation of the WEF and the activities of Friends Clubs (booster support groups). Support for Kansas Athletics activities is generated through personal contact with and solicitation mailings to alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations.

The Associate Athletics Director/Development is responsible for developing an annual “game plan” to identify prospective donors, encourage continued support, plan the solicitation and implementation process for fundraising activities and establish an activities and events calendar. Membership development techniques include personal visits to canvass as many donors and prospective donors as possible, direct mail campaigns and special events. Membership service also includes receptions for donors, bus trips and/or tailgate parties.

Gifts and Donations

As allowed by the KUEA the WEF may receive gifts and donations of money, securities, real property and personal property intended to benefit Kansas Athletics. Depending on the donor’s instructions, a gift or donation may be designated as unrestricted, temporarily restricted or permanently restricted.

An unrestricted designation applies to any gift which may be used for the general good of Kansas Athletics. Unrestricted gifts or donations may be used by Kansas Athletics for any purpose as approved by the Director of Athletics.

Temporarily restricted net assets are those whose use by Kansas Athletics has been limited by donors to a specific time period or purpose.

Permanently restricted net assets have been restricted by donors to be maintained by Kansas Athletics in perpetuity.

The KUEA reserves the right to accept or refuse any gift or donation that may be offered.

The WEF actively solicits donors to establish endowed scholarship programs to meet the educational needs of student-athletes. Additionally, WEF members may designate on their pledge forms their desire to have their donation restricted to the Scholarship Fund.

  • Planned or Deferred Giving

The WEF, in close coordination with KUEA, participates in planned or deferred giving through the donor’s purchase of life insurance, bequests, trusts, stocks, etc. The donor is required to list the KUEA as policy owner and/or beneficiary with all dividends and interest earned going to the WEF. The Athletic Development staff works closely with the benefactor to insure that each giving plan is in the best interest of the University of Kansas and the donor.

  • Gifts-in-kind

Gifts-in-kind are accepted by the WEF with the approval of the Director of Athletics. The value of the gift is based on the donor’s invoice and fair market value, as determined by Kansas Athletics. The acknowledgement letter serves as a receipt for the gift.

  • Endowed Scholarships

The endowed scholarship fund provides an on-going source for student-athlete scholarship awards for generations by drawing from the annual income of an endowment, leaving the principal in reserve. Individuals wishing to endow a scholarship may do so in the name of a relative or special friend.

  • Annual Giving

The annual giving program is administered by the WEF staff through WEF membership campaign. See Policy 903, WEF, in this Manual for additional information.

  • Corporate Gifts

The WEF staff solicits support from corporations to include matching gifts for donors and the donation of goods or services. Corporate matching gifts are credited to the KUEA account designated by the individual donor whose gift is being matched, unless otherwise designated by the corporation. Also the University solicits major gifts from corporations.

All the above gifts are acknowledged as cash contributions with an acknowledgement letter and a receipt returned to the donor.