RCW: KU Leads teams with KU football for off-the-field training

For three Wednesdays in a row, KU Leads conducted leadership and career development sessions with the KU football team. The three sessions were divided by players’ class, providing the opportunity for smaller groups and a more interactive learning environment.  

The first session focused on educating freshmen about the culture of Kansas Athletics. Freshmen learned what it means to be a Jayhawk and how to develop a strong personal brand.

The following week, KU Leads walked the sophomore class through formal dinning etiquette. This opportunity gave the student-athletes a hands-on learning experience that will benefit them down the road as they begin their professional careers.  

Finally, the junior and senior classes had a presentation on dressing for various professional situations such as interviews, business travel or award banquets. This event also touched on the importance of making a positive impression and while dressing for the situation is part of that, it goes far beyond clothing and is more about how you carry yourself and interact with those you meet. 

These three KU Leads-led sessions focused on providing student-athletes with the tools they need to be as successful off the field as they are on it.

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