RCW: WEF Donor Spotlight - John & Michele Hawkins

Members of the Williams Education Fund, John and Michele Hawkins, have been giving back to John’s alma mater for 27 years. The two live in Springfield, Missouri, but still make it to nearly all of the football and basketball games. They say that their “children grew up with KU’s alma mater as a lullaby.” They also added that KU is a huge part of their family’s lives, and they say their kids will be the next generation of KU fanatics. Get to know the Hawkins a little more in this edition of the WEF Donor Spotlight.

Answers provided by John Hawkins

Are you University of Kansas alumni?
I (John) am an alum of KU Med, class of 1985. Although not an alum, Michele has been attending KU football and basketball games since she was five years old.

What is your favorite Kansas Athletics memory?
For me, it is the year 2008. We were there for the Orange Bowl victory over Virginia Tech and for the men’s basketball national championship in San Antonio. For Michele, her favorite memory was when her father surprised her with tickets to the NCAA men’s basketball Midwest Regional games in 1974. KU played Oral Roberts in Tulsa and came back from nine points down with three minutes left and won the game in overtime.

Why do you support Kansas Athletics and its student-athletes?
Michele has gone to KU games since she was a young child. We both have so many fond memories of watching the student-athletes compete and represent the university, and we want to “give back” financially. 

What is your favorite KU tradition?
Michele’s favorite is watching the pregame videos before football and basketball games. My favorite is listening to the Rock Chalk chant just before we win (especially at away venues).

John also added that one of Michele’s favorite childhood traditions involved her and her dad kicking the curb for good luck before every KU home football game when her dad would park on Missouri Street.

If you could describe KU in one word, what word would it be and why?
We would describe KU as “home.” Not only because it’s my alma mater, but also because we’ve been to so many games and events over the years that we feel comfortable when we are in Lawrence or when we are at another site surrounded by other KU fans.

For more information on the Williams Education Fund, including tickets, parking, premium seating, facility projects and special events visit WilliamsFund.com.

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