RCW: WEF Donor Spotlight - Terry & Mary Beth Miller

Terry Miller has followed Kansas football since family friend J.C. Hixon donned the Crimson and Blue as a running back and later a coach, an affinity that brought the western Kansas native to Lawrence, and regularly brings he and his wife Mary Beth back for home football games. Terry and Mary Beth support Kansas student-athletes as members of the Williams Education Fund and more about their special KU connection can be found below.

What is you and your family’s connection to the University of Kansas?
I’m from Saint Francis, Kansas, which is a small town in the northwest corner of the state. Growing up, our close family friend, J.C. Hixon, played and coached at KU, so I became a fan of the Jayhawks from a very early age. After graduating from high school, I moved to Lawrence to attend KU with two of my classmates from back home. Meanwhile, my wife, Mary Beth, who is originally a Cornhusker, went to KU for medical school. More recently, our son and two daughters each earned their degrees from the University of Kansas.

What is your favorite moment or memory from being a Jayhawk?
Without question, my favorite memories are seeing my wife and children getting their degrees from KU.  Those are truly special moments that can’t be replaced. From an athletics standpoint, the first that come to mind are beating Nebraska in football and, obviously, the men’s basketball National Championships in 1988 and 2008.

What took you out to the West Coast?
Since we have been married, Mary Beth and I have wanted to live near the ocean. After our youngest child graduated from KU, we felt it was the perfect opportunity for us to pursue this dream. We first moved to Arizona for a few years. During that time we would regularly vacation in the Los Angeles area. Then, about two years ago, we moved to Long Beach. We are very fortunate that our son and one of our daughters currently live in Southern California and our other daughter has plans to relocate here soon.  

How often do you make it back to Lawrence?
While Long Beach is a bit farther from Lawrence than Saint Francis, we still try to get back for every home football game. I believe we need to show all of our student-athletes the support and appreciation they deserve. They give so much to the university, attending games is an easy way to say thank you. My group of friends has been attending KU football games together since we were students in 1976. There’s nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than watching KU football in Memorial Stadium with them.
Why has it been important for you to continue supporting the Williams Education Fund even though you now live in California?
Jayhawk student-athletes give so much of their time and energy to the University of Kansas. From early morning weight sessions, going to class, then to practice, followed by studying, there is so much involved with being a student-athlete. We are so proud of them and grateful for the way they choose to represent our university. Being a member of the Williams Education Fund is our small way of saying thank you to all of them that choose and believe in The University of Kansas like we do. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!