Jayhawks Fall to Longhorns in Big 12 Quarterfinal Match

WACO, Texas – The Kansas women’s tennis team (8-13) fell 4-0 to the No. 1 seeded Texas (23-1) on Friday evening in the Quarterfinals of the Big 12 Women’s Tennis Championship.

Lulu Sun and Kylie Collins concluded their match against Sonia Smagina and Vasiliki Karvouni on court one at 6-2. Anna Turati and Fernanda Labrana followed with their 6-2 win over Malkia Ngounoue and Julia Deming on court two. The nationally ranked Longhorns had notched the doubles point and headed into singles play with a 1-0 lead.

Kansas put up a tremendous effort across all courts in singles play but Texas was able to increase its lead to 2-0 thanks to a 6-0, 6-0 win on court four by Charlotte Chavatipon over Karvouni. Sun concluded play next on court three with 6-2 and 6-4 games over Manu. The Longhorns were able to seal the match with Labrana’s 6-1 and 6-3 defeat of Deming on court six.

Courts one, two and five would go unfinished in the contest. On court one, Ngounoue and Peyton Stearns were engaged in a close contest. Stearns took the first game 7-5 and was leading 4-2. Turati and Smagina were left incomplete on court two, where the Longhorn led to match 6-4 and 3-0. Lastly, on court five Collins and Lagarde were involved in a back-and-forth affair with the Jayhawk on pace to garner a point, leading 6-4 and 4-3 before halting play.

#2 Texas 4, #48 Kansas 0

Singles competition
1. #28 Peyton Stearns (UT) vs. #89 Malkia Ngounoue (KU) 7-5, 4-2, unfinished

2. #29 Anna Turati (UT) vs. Sonia Smagina (KU) 6-4, 3-0, unfinished

3. #68 Lulu Sun (UT) def. Carmen Roxana Manu (KU) 6-2, 6-4

4. #75 Charlotte Chavatipon (UT) def. Vasiliki Karvouni (KU) 6-0, 6-0

5. #53 Kylie Collins (UT) vs. Tiffany Lagarde (KU) 4-6, 3-4, unfinished

6. Fernanda Labrana (UT) def. Julia Deming (KU) 6-1, 6-3

Doubles competition
1. #17 Lulu Sun/Kylie Collins (UT) def. Sonia Smagina/Vasiliki Karvouni (KU) 6-2

2. #86 Anna Turati/Fernanda Labrana (UT) def. Malkia Ngounoue/Julia Deming (KU) 6-2

3. #42 Peyton Stearns/Charlotte Chavatipon (UT) vs. Carmen Roxana Manu/Tiffany Lagarde (KU) 5-2, unfinished

Match Notes:
Kansas 8-13; National ranking #48
Texas 23-1; National ranking #2
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2); Singles (4,3,6)