🏐 Kansas Volleyball Continues to Explore, Plays Second Match in Budapest

BUDAPEST, Hungary – For the second-consecutive day, the Kansas Volleyball team continued exploring and learning more about Budapest, venturing to the east side of the city to visit some of its historic sites.

The Jayhawks ventured to Pest on Saturday, May 25, crossing the Danube River for sightseeing. Among the historic sites visited were the House of Parliament, which is the largest building in Hungary, and St. Stephen’s Basilica, which represents the third-largest church in Hungary. Following a guided tour, the travel party was allowed free time to explore the area and enjoy the local cuisine.

“We had breakfast at the hotel, which is always delicious, then we went to the ‘Pest’ and had the chance to walk around the city market and buy some souvenirs,” grad senior Ayah Elnady said. “From there, we took the tram to see the Parliament and the Basilica, which looked absolutely beautiful. We had two hours of free time there, so we split into groups and got lunch then we went back to the hotel to rest and prepare for our game tonight.”

In the evening, Kansas returned to Folyondár Sports Center in Budapest to face Vasas Óbuda, a Hungarian U20 Team. The Jayhawks got the best of Vasas 3-1 on Friday night, and again topped them on Saturday, winning the match 3-0 before also winning a shortened fourth set, played to 15.

“I thought it was great,” senior Bryn McGehe said of her teams’ performance. “Our passing was really good and our defense. We had a lot of energy so that helped out. Ellie Moore did a great job coming to run the offense after Camryn Turner, who played well as always”

All healthy players competed for the Jayhawks and contributed to the victory, which saw several highlights both offensively and defensively.

“First of all, our sideout went really well,” freshman Reese Ptacek said about the match. “We were quick in transition so that allowed us to have good opportunities to hit.”

The Jayhawks are now prepared to venture to Vienna, Austria, for the next leg of the European Tour. The team will spend its final night in Budapest on Saturday before leaving for Vienna on Sunday morning. KU will spend one night in Vienna before traveling to Maribor, Slovenia on Monday.

Match Schedule
Subject to change

May 24 – vs. Vasas Óbuda (Budapest, Hungary) – Kansas 3, Vasas 1
May 25 – vs. Vasas Óbuda (Budapest, Hungary) – Kansas 3, Vasas 0
May 28 – vs. Slovenia U20 Team (Maribor, Slovenia)
May 29 – vs. Mladost Zagreb (Maribor, Slovenia)
May 31 – vs. B1 Volley Modena (Modena, Italy)
June 2 – vs. Italian Federation Team (Milan, Italy)