๐ŸŽ™ The Jayhawker Podcast | Kyle Clemons: Beauty In The Grind

70. Kyle Clemons: Beauty In The Grind

Learning. Growing. Maturing. That 400 meters, that one lap around the track, caused Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Kyle Clemons to do some deep thinking about his athletic career and his life. His rise to the top of the track and field world did not come easy. However, to a young Clemons, this whole thing was supposed to be a breeze. Highly rated out of high school, heโ€™d spend a year or two in college and then go pro, and then the medals and money would come. But his times at Kansas failed to reflect that and he struggled. Suddenly, a mental switch flipped for Clemons, and with the help of Kansas track coach Stanley Redwine, he dropped the expectations. And found beauty in the grind.